The seasons of life

Pastor Julianna new
As long as Earth remains, there will be seed time and harvest.
Even though the weather has not been the best so far this season, it is still springtime on the calendar. I don’t know what type of spring you are experiencing in your personal life, but just as the seasons of time change in their cycles, so do the seasons of our lives.
Some of us are early in the spring of our lives where things are just starting to bud with signs of something about to blossom and bloom. Others, on the other hand, are late in spring when the temperature of life is gradually starting to warm up, offering more sun than the rest of the year.
As life shifts from the cold days of winter to spring and so forth, it is so easy to get caught up in events and lose ourselves in the process. Seasons are ever changing, so remember it shall pass, but wherever you are in your season of life, it is time to focus on you.
How are you treating yourself? Each of us has a responsibility to focus on caring for ourselves. When was the last time you went for your doctor for your annual physical checkup? Have you been putting it off? If so, why? We are seeing people avoid talking about important issues, especially when pertaining to themselves or their own wellbeing.
Some will spend hours talking, browsing, entertaining, going shopping for others, but will not take any time for themselves.
God loves you so much! He cares about your health and he wants you to be satisfied with long life. In 3 John 1:2 Jesus tells us, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”
Though good health is God’s will for you, He cannot help you until you are willing to cooperate with Him. God has need of you on Earth to make an impact on society, to raise your family, to tell others about his goodness, and good health will increase the probabilities of you fulfilling God’s plan and purpose for your life.
Do you know God cannot do much with a corpse (a dead body) he wants to work with and through the living? Therefore, we must be more health conscious. Even in the church, we are responsible to teach about healthy habits. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a healthy message. In fact, it is very practical to our everyday living.
Jesus came as a healer to demonstrate to us the Father’s desire that we be in good health. He came to set captives free from all kinds of illnesses, diseases and bondage. He came to heal the broken-hearted. It seems that perhaps in this day and age, many are becoming more health-conscious by juicing, exercising and eating organic, talking about yoga and dieting trends, but why do so many avoid talking about the greatest physician ever: the Lord Jesus Christ? Jesus is the answer for the world, even today.
He is the one that originated the different seasons in life, both for the weather and seasons of your personal life.
Don’t wait until your spring is over before you stop to smell the roses. Take time for yourself now; take time for your health now and focus on you. Amongst all the other changes of life do not neglect yourself. Focus on your physical, mental and spiritual health. Eat, be active, read, and pray. Take care of your eating habits. Stop drinking things that will affect you in the long run. Most of all maintain a prayer life. Strive to be as healthy as you can in every way and by all means do not neglect your spiritual health.

No matter who you are in this world, and no matter how well you took care of yourself while on the earth, one day you will die and leave this Earth to meet your maker.
Our Lord Jesus says that after death, there is a judgment where you will meet your creator face to face and he will ask you how you spent your days on Earth and whom you served.
Remember, there are two masters, one is God, and our Father in heaven, and the other is Satan the thief, liar and deceiver. Chose this day who you will serve.