Police killing Black Men

“It doesn’t stBob White newop,” said Dropout.
“It happened again in South Carolina. A policeman (White) shot and killed a Black man. He puts five bullets into his back. The Black guy had no weapon. When he gave his report to the other policeman,” said Dropout, “it was ok.”
“However,” said Dropout, “someone had a camera and filmed the whole incident, which was opposite to the report given by the policeman who shot and killed the unarmed Black man.”
Just Chillin said, “So what, they have been doing it for years and getting away with it.”
Johnny, the movie expert said, “They will not get away with this one, it’s obvious what happened. If they do, remember the rap song by Gil Scott Heron “the Revolution will not be televised.”
Oh My God said, “I was watching TV station CNN for three days, I saw the White policeman shoot the Black man in the back while he was running away from the police, eight bullets, five in his back and killed him, a lot of experts say it was murder. I know it’s been happening for decades, but this is the first time that we all see it on TV, because someone was alert enough to have a camera and do it. Now, if the police said what he said in the report, why did the policeman (White) that shot and killed the Black guy, pick up the Taser and put it beside the dead body? The lawyers for the policeman are going to have to come up with a very good answer for this one…”
Uncle Tom said, “The Black guy would be alive today if he had stayed in the car and did not run away from the police.”
Dropout said, “The Black guy would be alive today, if the police, after taking the information, seized the car, or chase the guy after he ran out of the car (where can you run?) But don’t pull out your gun and shoot a Black man in the back, and then putting a Taser beside the dead body to make it look like the man took your Taser and used it on you, not knowing someone had a camera on the side, and you were being filmed… Why? That one “move” should be enough to show there was a cover- up on the part of the White policeman killing an unarmed Black man in 2015, even though there’s a President and Attorney General, both of whom are Black.”
Every Black person in North America should thank the person that pulled out his cell phone and do the right thing. “Now White folks know, they denied it all before; now they know about racism. They can deny it all they want, all they have to do is look at the tape; it’s there for all to see,” said Oh My God.
Crystal said, “Listen to me closely, everybody said, and everybody keeps looking South of the border for killings of Blacks by White policemen. This is not true, it happens right here in Montreal. Look what happened to Anthony Griffin; the only difference is no one had a camera to record that incident.”
And it wasn’t just Anthony Griffin; there were a lot of Blacks killed by police in Montreal, and they said they were all accidents. Now when it happens again, and it will, White people and “Uncle Toms” will think about what happened in South Carolina. They will not do anything, but they will think: Racism is like cancer, you don’t always know you have it.”
According to Genius, “CNN’s Don Lemon said Blacks and Whites live together, but separately in the U.S.A. The closest city of living together is New York City. Well, any special scientist will tell you this. If they want to tell you the truth, in Montreal Blacks live apart from Whites, but Whites will not admit it. A lot of Blacks will not admit it. Why? Because most people right here in Montreal are in denial.”
Po Boy asked Crystal, “What do you think the verdict will be?”
Crystal said, “When I look at the history of the U.S.A., and when I look at the President, he’s Black, so what. Right now the policeman who shot and killed that unarmed man is charged with murder, but so what? America is a racist country, the grand Jury will probably knock it down to manslaughter, then he will go to court, the defense lawyer will say it was the “frame of mind” that the policeman was in, even though the world saw the White policeman going about his business in a visibly relaxed manner. The verdict will come down in the winter; the authorities know that Blacks will not protest in the winter, too cold. But never in summer, historically riot, civil disobedience and protest season. So the verdict in my opinion will have to wait.
I know you want me to give you an answer now, but the killing of Blacks by White policemen has been going on for decades and nothing has changed. But this one (the shooting of Walter Scott in the back) is different; it was caught on film. The policeman’s life is not threatened; the Black man is running away from him, five bullets in the Black man’s back, he falls dead. The policeman handcuffs him dead on the ground. No CPR… This is not history, not a movie by Clint Eastwood or Spike Lee. This is real, it happened in 2015 in South Carolina.
Oletymer said, “Stop texting and all of you listen to me very carefully; you too Genius. Let me tell you what hate is, what racism is, and you too “Uncle Tom,” waiting for your haircut, keep quiet, or else…”
“Racism is a disease, not a sickness. Ask the family of the late Emmett Till. “
Hampstead Harry came into the barbershop; he said he was at the airport to get his son and his family; they just arrived from Florida.
“I send them to Florida every year, they bring their nanny or maid with them, she’s from the Caribbean, she is part of our family, I think that I told you before,” said Hampstead Harry.
“I was with some Real Estate friend, of mind, and we were looking at what the world was looking at. A white police officer in South Carolina (USA) shooting eight times towards the back of a middle-aged Black man as the suspect. Thanks to a cell phone video of what many people call a murder, another killing by a White police officer of an unarmed Black man (suspect) leaves little room for debate about whether the officer was in the right.
This could never happen in Cote-St-Luc or Hampstead or Town of Mount-Royal, the police know their boundaries in Montreal.”
“When I say never, I meant it has never happened. We are very organized, we have money, lots of money, and power, and the police know this. “You people” have nothing. I like to come here when no one is here, because, I’m not afraid of “you people” or I’m not nervous being around “you guys.” I come here to get a good haircut, listen to a few of you talk, and I always say to myself… these people are amazing. They wear designer clothes, they are always up to date, a lot drive nice cars and a lot of their kids wear designer clothes, have the latest electronics, but a lot have no visible source of income.
This is why I cannot be around “you people” too long, and all of my Real Estate friends agree. How can a lot of “you people” afford these luxuries? A lot of you do not know how to make money. We have our own city councilors, our own Mayor, our own factories, we hire “you people” to work for us. Even my son’s nanny is one of you people; she’s part of our family, she’s very special to us and for us, that’s why we take very good care of her.
As a human being, we are all equal, but after that, you people are not equal to us, why? Because as a group, you own nothing, you have nothing, and I know, because I have been in your areas collecting rents for decades, so I know how “you people” exist, not live, but exist. And it doesn’t look like you guys will ever get it together, because it all starts by having a good, strong community. And you have none in Montreal. But you have been lying to the government and telling them that you have and they know you don’t have.
The government (police) knows they cannot do what they do in Cote-des-Neiges, they know they cannot mess around in Westmount.”
Then Hampstead Harry said, “I have to go now, it’s getting to depressing for me being around “you people,” because a lot of people that come here are ‘man childs’, they never grew up. I’ll stop by again to pick up rents in the area or I’ll call you to remind you guys that racism will never stop, especially in Montreal, because racism is just another business.
White people who are not qualified can get a job or get a position over a qualified non-white.”
When Hampstead Harry left, Rufus the barber said, “Amen.”