Natural Healing

“Prevention is better than cure.”

As far back as I can remember helping others feel good about themselves has always been an innate desire of mine.
Many know me as a professional performer –singing on international stages with Cirque du Soleil or dancing with the African Contemporary Company Nyata Nyata (Zab Maboungou).
The transition into alternative health care was a natural and gradual evolution, one I saw coming years before. At the age of 14,  I can recall reading a novel about surgeons and the extremely intricate work they do. My decision then was to become a doctor.
Since that time, so much has happened and although I am not a medical surgeon, I am definitely passionate about health, conscious living, transformative lifestyles and sharing this information with those who are interested.
“Prevention is better than cure.”
Immersing myself into a more accountable and responsible way of living has made this phrase come to life. If we can create habits that support Life Giving Energy (in our thoughts, our actions and our environment),  this is what we draw to us and the amount of illness, dis-ease and sickness one may experience could potentially stay at a minimum, reverse itself and/or  never return.
The work I do is considered “natural medicine” employing a wide array of non-invasive, non-medical treatments using herbs and supplements, spiritual psychotherapy,  Swedish massage, Reiki, acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicine, weight-loss through nutrition and lifestyle counseling, to name a few.
I believe that illness begins first with how you view yourself, how you speak with yourself and how you create this reality in your surrounding environment.  The body brings to light/life whatever it is we are thinking and feeling, so when most life situations and ailments show up it wasn’t that they so happened to be in the neighbourhood and decided to join in, the problem was probably there in other ways but you never took notice.
The body’s capacity to heal itself is very much linked to the Spirits willingness to evolve and grow.  If the Spirit isn’t willing or ready to grow this is when we are eventually forced into new paradigms through life changing circumstances or found stuck in the same cyclical pattern of thought.
As January marks the beginning of the Gregorian Calendar, Muslims, Orthodox Ethiopians, Kemetians, Jews and many others have different dates they celebrate as their sacred beginning. By the way, the “original” New Years and Birth of Christ that many observe-  used to be celebrated March 21-25th but the Church changed the dates to Dec 21-25 and January 1st so they could have more converts for their growing religion, but I digress.
As each individual prepares to embark on the next 12 month cycle I challenge you take more time to re-consider your final choices; take more time to do what truly makes you happy; do at least 2 things that are completely out of the ordinary; choose one fear and do the exact opposite of what it keeps you from doing. Most of all,  be loved and be happy.
Odessa Thornhill ND,YSP, RMT, RAC, Birth Doula 1.800.307.0156