Resolutions Never Tasted So Good

01-08-2014 Happy feast
The best type of stew is one that you prepare, season with care and let simmer to perfection. The same goes with any resolutions you decide to put into place at the start of a new year.
Just like when you’re in the kitchen, sometimes instead of following a recipe, its nice to go into your fridge and get creative with the ingredients that you already have on hand. When these natural moments of inspiration grab you, use this momentum to make changes and improvements to your life.
The tastiest and most successful resolutions aren’t the ones you make once a year, but the ones that are recurring, sincere and savoured throughout the year. Part of experimenting in the kitchen without a fixed recipe is giving yourself the room to make mistakes or uncover masterpieces. But there’s no point conducting experiments if you don’t take notes and document your journey.
Keeping track of your journey allows you to look back at the ingredients you added to your pot and consider which elements best flavoured your dish. It’s important to remain flexible and remember that the start of a new year isn’t the only time to make resolutions.
Often the best recipes you create aren’t the ones that taste amazing to everyone else, but that have the exact accents and flavours that are most authentic to you. These dishes, we feel, are the ones that possess the makings of long lasting resolutions.
Allow your pot to simmer and use your intuition (or your nose) to tell you when your resolutions are ready to serve or whether you need to add just a few more ingredients before digging in.
You might be wondering why we’re making so many food analogies, the simplest answer is that we’ve made it our business to love food, cook it and share it.
Feast well and happy resolutions!

Christel & Melissa Mulongoy
Founders of