JAMAICA ASSOCIATION adjust services to conform with Covid-19 Code Red

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In keeping with the new regulations in place for the evolving COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, the Jamaica Association of Montreal has made changes to the delivery of services out of its offices.
According to directive coming out the association, the office will remain open with regular office hours: Monday to Friday 9 am – 5pm; but email or phone contact only – there will be no access to the office or other spaces in the association.
However, FOOD BANK SERVICES that have been deemed an essential service will remain open and clients can enter up to the main landing- no one can enter the association for no other purpose.
Children must wear masks and are prohibited from coming up the second and third landing in the building. The association has in place sanitary hygiene measures that they are asking the public to respect, including the sanitizing of hands, spaces and counters, social distancing as well as wearing masks.
Take note that Overproof Friday night activities are suspended for one-month effective until October 28, as per Quebec Public Health & Provincial guidelines. This means our bar is closed for this period. An assessment will be made, based on government and health guidelines. As to when these social activities can resume.
Several of the association’s online programs will remain in place including: the Footsteps program, the Au Futur Program, the Adult Basic Education Program and the Brilliant Minds program.
Also phone services continue for Passports and other documents and enquiries.
For more information call 514 739- 8220