IMPACT: You’re wired to make change

We have become addicted to other people’s Facebook walls, their profiles, and  feed off twitter and Instagram

Dear readers, we haPastor Julianna newve been called to be world changers. Stop giving your  responsibility over to others. Today, I am talking directly to you, this is not a text message or post on a twitter feed but a direct message for your life, so I urge you to read on.
You are called in the Kingdom of God for such a time as this. Many of us are born with great gifts and potentials hard-wired within us by our creator in order to fulfill our destiny; which he has given to us even before we were born.
God has already given us dominion in the earth to make a difference but instead of becoming world-changers as we should, we have become addicted to cellphones, iPads and other devices in order to surf through social media to be spectators of other’s Facebook walls, their profiles, and to feed off of twitter and Instagram.
Some of you spend most of your day checking whose on Facebook, checking how their status has changed, or not, investigating what they’ve done recently, getting the scoop on the latest breakup and finding out who they are with now etc.
Modern technologies are wasting our precious time. Because of the consumption of social media, it seems people have no time to read things that are necessary for life, whether for knowledge or leisure.
When was the last time you picked up a book and what about the Bible? The Bible is the precious word of God, the source of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. This generation thinks they are wiser than God. I wonder, how can you ever become a world-changer with that attitude?
The entire generation is not to blame, but many young lazy ones want to start their own business without any experience because all they have done is sat at home with their computer, a desk and a chair. They may learn the trade and the numbers from the internet, YouTube and software but nothing beats the lessons of life-experience and that requires a combination of people, God, real social interaction and not social media alone.
The Bible has already tells a powerful story about a young man named Esau who had a great future ahead of him because of God’s purpose for his life. He was wired for success. He was strong, gifted, and talented in many ways to impact his generation as a leader. Esau, unfortunately was unaware of the depth and worth of what he was carrying, so he sold his rights both spiritual and physical blessings for a bowl of stew. He basically sold his future because he could not endure hunger.
Like many of us today, with bright futures ahead of us, we are stuck with cellphones in our hands always checking who is online or who is logged in to Facebook or who is texting or sending a photo. Even when no one is, we must keep it close just in case. We have become so interested in our messages and txt, tweets and Instagram pictures that we have no interest in becoming a world-changer!
There’s no interest to make a difference wherever you go. When was the last time you walked down the street or waited for the bus and contemplated what you can do to be a blessing to someone else? How could you when your face and mind is in your phone or tablet?
Many of you cannot even see the world around us because our eyes are fixed on screens. Where is your interest to excel, to increase, to be successful, to multiply and have dominion in the earth?
This 2015 I am pleading with you so that you will  take inventory of your life. Don’t let your cellphone become an idol.
The phone companies are making billions as we work hard to pay them. They are becoming world-changers instead of you.
Wake up and you too can change the world one idea, one good-deed, one person and one conversation at a time.

Pastor Julianna Daniel