Genius was talking aBob White newbout raising money for churches. He said he heard someone on the radio raising money for Union United Church, and he hopes they are very successful.
Genius then took out a paper from the Canadian Jewish News December 4, 2014, The 2014 combined Jewish appeal (CJA) is expected to collect more than $45.2 million the general chairman announced at the campaign’s official closing November 25, the highest amount in recent years.
School Boy asked, “What page is it on?”
Genius said, “Page 8, in the Canadian Jewish News, December 4, 2014. Just keep reading Community Contact and we will tell you the truth, and what’s going on.”
Money said, “There’s a formula to raising money, and it’s obvious that Blacks as a group do not know the formula.”
School said, “Why do you say that?”
Money said, “It’s obvious, because Blacks as a group have NOTHING.”
All the regulars of the Ways and Means Committee agreed, and said “Amen.”

School Boy raised his hand; he wanted quiet in the crowded barbershop. Everybody gave him the respect that he wanted and kept quiet.
School Boy said, “I read the article by Bryan Bishop in Community Contact, December 18, 2014. It was not nice. I showed it to my mother and father. I am not sure what the prognosis for the next 100 years is, but if past performance is an indicator of future behaviors, then we are in serious trouble.”
My parents showed me Community Contact, July 12, 2014. How do we navigate and raise our game?
Dropout asked, “What’s going on with your questions what do you want to know? Schoolboy said, “It’s obvious, or it should be, I want a solution, if there is any?
Genius and Professor said, “Of course there’s a solution, there is a solution for everything.
School Boy said, “O.K., what is it?
Professor said, “Now it depends what you’re talking about. Are you talking about why as a group Blacks cannot raise money? Are you talking about why Blacks are mis-educated? Are you talking about why Blacks are “Uncle Toms”… some know it and many don’t, and why don’t they know it? Do you want to know why Blacks are “sperm shooters”, do you want to know why Blacks as a group do not want to own a business.
Do you want to know why Blacks hate each other, and why they hate themselves? Do you want to know why many Blacks want to be White, but will not admit it? School Boy, you have to be specific, clear, crystal clear, and we will tell you our solution. The Ways and Means Committee has NEVER failed to come up with a solution. You might, or might not like the solution, but we will have one.”
PoBoy said, “Give School Boy a Solution, I’m getting a headache. I had a long talk with Absolutely, and they did not have a solution, so give School Boy a solution.
School Boy said, “How can Blacks raise one million dollars?”
Money said, “That’s easy, admit you don’t know how to fundraise, this would be a start.”
School Boy said, “My parents tell me that Blacks have been raising money for many years.”
Money said, “So what, there are different levels of raising money. Blacks have NEVER raised any serious money…”
School Boy asked, “What is serious money?”
Money said, “It doesn’t matter what serious money is, it has NEVER EVER been done. I’ll give you an example. Joe and Yvonne work at St. Mary’s Hospital, which raises one million dollars every year, why? Because they are organized, Blacks are NOT. They do not know the right people who can help them…to raise half a million dollars, never mind a million. Remember, there are about 185 thousand Blacks in Montreal.”
The question is, “How do we navigate and raise our game?” Community Contact, June 12, 2014.
Money said, “That’s easy.”
Welfare Wesley said, “I’m getting a headache listening to this. So Money, cut to the core for School Boy.”
Money said, “O.K. School Boy, join the YMCA or the YMHA as a volunteer when they do their fundraising. You don’t have to become a member, just tell them that you want to volunteer when they do their fundraising. They will not say no; if they do, come to the barbershop and we will make a call and get them to accept you. Once you start as a volunteer [in their fundraising campaign] you will find out it takes a special skill to fundraise, to ask for money.
School Boy said, “Blacks know how to ask for money.”
“No they don’t,” said Money. “Look at the advertisements in Community Contact that Blacks buy…look at them very closely when Blacks are having a Gala, party, they NEVER have a major sponsor.”
School Boy said, “What is a major sponsor? And for what?”
Money said, “A major sponsor pays for the venue, then all you have to do is sell the tickets. A major sponsor is Labatt’s, Hydro Quebec, Sears, The Bay, TD Bank, SAQ, any car dealership, any beer company.”
School Boy, asked, “Why don’t Blacks have major sponsors when they do an event?”
Money said, “It’s very simple. Blacks have a deep inferiority complex in terms of asking a major sponsor for money. Most Blacks have a consumer mentality… It’s the only reason why the Toronto Caribana is successful financially, generating 400 million dollars; this is super Bowl money. This is more than Montreal makes for the Grand Prix and Jazz Festival because both of these events cost the city money. The Caribana doesn’t. The only reason why it is very successful is because the TD Bank, a major sponsor, is in control of the event.
Money said, “Blacks are not organized.”
School Boy said, “Why are they not organized?”
Money said, “Read the book by Mack B. Morant, it was published by ROM Publishing Company INC. All you have to do is read Community Contact and see what a major sponsor is, example, Western Union, Koodo, Sutton, Remax, Century 21, Sunlife Financial. Blacks don’t think like this, unfortunately. This is one reason why they have NOTHING as a group – 185 thousand in Montreal. Blacks still have that plantation mentally, but they will not admit it. They say, “Well, you have to start somewhere.” Yes, they are right – if this was 1955. It’s 2015!

Remembering Aubrey Brathwaite1925-2015.

Rufus the barb01-22-2015 obit aubreyer came late, he said that he was at a funeral in West Island Dollard des Ormeaux to celebrate the life of the late Aubrey Brathwaite. Aubrey was a good guy.
Professor was telling a crowded barbershop that Gloria Brathwaite, Grace and Neil and the rest of the Brathwaite family should be very proud of their father Aubrey Brathwaite
He had to be a good guy, because the friends of the came from all over Canada to pay respect to him January 9. It was an over-crowded celebration of his life. Vocalists Skipper Dean was in excellent form as always, singing “For The Good Times,” “My Way” and “Precious Lord Take My Hand.” The eulogy was done by Eglon Sealy.

Pall Bearers, were Atiba Gordon, Kadeem Gordon, Akeem Gordon, Tim Neaverth, Dhantae Ashby, Eglon Sealy, Lingard Sealy, Neil Brathwaite – Atlee Sealy.
They will be talking about the celebration of for a long, long time, and rightly so, because he was a good guy.