IMPACT: Relationships

Life is about relationships, and knowing the Lord Jesus Christ is about relationship.
There are many different types of relationships; some are healthy, others unhealthy. Some relationships are strong, while some are weak.  Some people celebrate relationships, whereas some don’t care about relationships.
Relationships are universal.
God has given to humanity the ability to interact and relate through relationships. We all came onto this Earth because of a relationship. As a result, family is our first, and one of our closest, relationships.
Relationships are intended to equip you for destiny.
For instance, from the parents within the home, to the educators at daycare and the teachers at school to the sports coaches and professors at university. All of these relationships play key roles to shaping your future and potential.
The house of God should be a place where we should be taught how to build healthy relationships and establish good foundations but because of lack of knowledge, many attend church without the intention of learning and without the motivation to build strong relationships. Relationships are personal, but they are also about partnership. Working together towards a common goal is prevalent for the workplace, for the body of Christ and even in families.
To master good and healthy relationships, your attitude must be addressed.
Please note that a good attitude will take you far, in any arena of life. A good attitude acts as glue in a relationship; it will hold together marriages, jobs, and even countries together.
There is a great need for healthy and positive relationships in this society; we must learn to relate and communicate with people in a positive way. Treat them with respect, regardless of their class or position in society. Your maid and your supervisor deserve the same level of respect within their relationship with you.
Do not think you are too intelligent to show others respect. By doing so and honouring others where it is due, your relationships will be strengthened.
When necessary, we need to end bad relationships and embrace and nurture the good, positive, supportive relationships that come our way.
Human beings were created to succeed through relationships.  Do not submit to those who want to isolate you from genuine relationships.  No man is an island. We are not intended to be secluded but rather to be included and inclusive in relationships.
We need to celebrate and appreciate good relationships in our homes, churches, community and workplaces.
We should also thank God for those relationships that have become blessings and cornerstones in our lives.
Relationships started with God; we should praise Him for them and seek His wisdom in order to maintain them. Ultimately, seeking and embracing a relationship with God himself is the best model for a successful relationship with anyone else.
Knowing and interacting with the Father, the son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit is vital to your life.
Hope you give this message some thought… We will continue on the topic of relationships the next time as well.