IMPACT: Getting in spiritual shape this New Year

As we enter the NewPastor Julianna new Year, there are a few things we must not forget; one of those things is the fact that human beings are spiritual people.
The secret to long life is knowing that man is a spirit, has a soul, and lives in a body. We need to learn to take good care of each part of our being.
Many are paying thousands of dollars to exercise their body; many go to the gym and join fitness programs to build muscles, etc. Some will go on all types of diets to lose weight while others take laxatives to purge so they can stay slim and trim.
Why is it that people would do all these things and more to take care of their flesh, or in other words their outer self, and neglect their inner being? Very few pay attention to the inner part of themselves, which is the spiritual part. The spirit of a man is the essence of the man, whereas the body is an outer shell, a housing organism.
Everyone right now is talking about post-holiday body fitness and diets, but I want to talk to you about your spirit: the very thing keeping you alive and allowing your body to breathe. Your spirit is connected to God who is the spiritual source to every human being.
God is our creator; he is the one who created the human body, both the inside and the outside. He is our originator, designer, source and our sustenance. It was God’s idea to create mankind, both male and female alike; he created them to be human beings.
It’s sad to say, but many have forgotten who God is in the world. Though you cannot see him; He does exist. Some don’t believe that there is a God, but whether you believe or not, he is our Father in heaven.
It’s time to come back to your source.
It’s time to believe you were created by a creator.
It’s time to accept the manual he left behind for us to read and learn of him.
The manual is the Holy Bible.
Every good inventor always provides a manual with the product he has invented and no one ever complains about the information within it.
I want you readers to know that you live by the spirit of God. If he takes away His breath from you, your body will then become a corpse.
It is time to recognize who you are. You are created by God for a specific purpose, but He is the only one who can reveal your destiny to you.
Why don’t you give your heart to Jesus Christ, the Son of God? His spirit quickens us unto salvation, healing, and deliverance.
You need to have a spiritual relationship with your creator. God loves you so much that he made provision for you to connect with Him through His son Jesus. When you are spiritually connected, you can tap into the supernatural power of God. You can talk to him in prayer by faith believing that He exists and is in fact alive.
There are so many benefits involved for those who believe that with God all things are possible.
Don’t be ashamed to confess Jesus as your Lord, your source, your healer, your deliverer, your protector, your counselor, your teacher and, most of all, the lover of your soul. He gave himself so that you might experience Him in all these ways and have access to Him forever (John 3:16).
Happy New Year! Why not start off the year right with the one who holds your tomorrow.

Pastor Julianna Daniel