It’s only about the money

How many times must I say

Bob White new
The barbershop was crowded; everybody was watching Dr. Oz on television, except Crystal and Genius.  ABSolutely said, “Why are you both talking so low and watching Dr. Oz?”
Crystal said, “If you read the article in Community Contact December 4, 2014.”
Money needed to go home.
Money turned off the television off, and said, “Let us all hear what you’re saying. Crystal started to read the article, then he raised his voice and said, “Listen to this. The congregation of Union United Church has a financial lifeline in $460,000 line of credit from the Montreal Presbytery. But it comes with a hefty 6 percent interest. He read it again, and asked everybody, is that crystal clear?
The Regulars of Ways and Means Committee said:  “I hope they raise the money, and if they do, my question is, will they own the building and the property? If they end up owning the property, how will they maintain it? Remember the ELKS, Black Studies Centre and the NCC. These were all prime property locations. I wish them luck.”
Oletymer said, “We all grew up in the Union United Church. We went at 11am, Sunday school, and returned at 7pm for evening services. Montreal had about 20 thousand Blacks, now there are 185 thousand. To raise funds, you need professional fundraisers.
There was an “Amen.”
In this Day And Age was telling ABSolutely that Union United Church missed the greatest opportunity they could ever had. When Union United Church was 100 years old, they could have raised 20 million dollars from all over North America that was not long ago. They didn’t do it then, what makes anyone think they are going to do it now. It’s not easy to raise money.
Ask Dr. Trevor Payne; he has now a major promoter, a major one, in Donald K Donald. If Dr. Trevor Payne did not get a major promoter, he might be still singing in that church on St. Catherine Street every Christmas.
The Union United Church has a good choir; they should make money with their choir.
There was an “Amen” in the barbershop.

Crystal was talking to ABSolutely about life he said, “Turn off Dr. OZ because ABSolutely is a special person, they think they are always right” said Crystal.
Crystal said, “Let me make it crystal clear, now that there is no distraction from Dr. Oz.
Crystal said, “There is enlightenment, compassion, realization, learning, joy, tranquility, anger, hunger, hell and one more. These are conditions of life.”

Professor was also talking about Blacks, he said “Blacks must be the or one of the largest consumers in North America, they don’t want to make anything.’’
“This is ok, so since this a fact” said Professor  “why don’t some call Community Contact and tell the publisher that they want to work a few hours a week calling white merchants, to buy advertising for Community Contact.
Every sale, give Community Contact 75 percent.
“Hi I’m calling from Community Contact, we are a newspaper in Montreal serving the 185 thousand people in the Black Community. (Don’t pause) Do you sell to non-whites? Would you like Blacks to shop at your store, because the surveys say, they are the best consumers?  (Now pause)
If they say, no, still give them the number of Community Contact, and wish them a good day, they will think about the call, why? Because nobody else is going to give them a call like this, it’s all-positive, because other newspapers will not give a “brother” or “sister” this opportunity. Why?
The last issue of Community Contact for 2014 was dropped off at the barbershop.
Money put up his hand and said, “Turn off Dr. Oz. and check the Bryan Bishop article, “What We Need For Christmas.”
Bishop ends his article by saying, “I am not sure what the prognosis is for the next 100 years, but if past performance is an indicator of future behavior, then we are in serious trouble.”
“Well, when you see Bryan Bishop,” Money said, “tell him yes, we are in serious trouble as a group, because Blacks do not own anything, because we do not have a cultural sense of business.”

Schoolboy said, “What is your solution?”
“No,” said Money, “it’s not my solution, it’s the solution. See a movie called the Pawnbroker. There’s a scene where the Pawnbroker, Rod Steiger explains to his only employee how his people make money, what they had to do to make money.”

Crystal said “I was trying to make it crystal clear to Me Personally how to make money. He thought he knew, but he did not know the basics, the 5 Ps: Proper preparation prevents poor performance. And he did not know what AIDA meant: Get their attention, Get them interested, Get them to make a decision, then Get them to give you a cheque. This is the A, action – and that one word in business, organized. The whole key is organized, organization, get the money.
Albert Einstein said, “After oxygen it’s money. There was an Amen in the barbershop.
Welfare Wesley said, “I made a lot of money during the holidays.”
Dropout asked, “how?”
Welfare Wesley said, “You all know I have no money, but I don’t need money. I use OPM, other peoples’ money. Remember, OPM. I borrow money from money. I listen to the radio everyday; I listen to the president of the Bay. She tells you of the sale of the day at the Bay. Lots of the items are 60 percent off. You hear, 60 percent off. I borrow the money, I go to the Bay, and I buy a lot.
Me and my partner go to 10 barbershops and we make $20 dollars on each item. We make 200 sometimes 300 dollars a day. We do the same thing at Costco. They always have a sale. But the key to all of this is the distribution.
Crystal said, “Do you ever notice  English television, always show a food bank, a line up with people getting a bag of food. They, the White media ALWAYS show a Black man or Black woman, or Black family receiving food, from a
White food bank.
Well, they did it again on 12-20-2014 on CTV.
This is called the Tarzan Syndrome, White folks taking care of Black folks, because they cannot take care of each other.
CTV, interviewed the Black guy, he had an African name, and he said, “Thank you, it’s a blessing.”
Do you ever see a Chinese or any Asian? It’s always a Black person,
It looks like Blacks cannot take care of their own.
There has been only one organization that has had a Black food bank for the last 38 years, and people from the low-income areas around Montreal have been going there to get food. If and when they need it for their families they give food to Whites Blacks and Asians. They are highly organized.
They refuse to go on television showing people begging for a bag of groceries because people have pride.
It’s bad enough having no food in a rich city, but to go on television begging is a no, no. When the families show up they give them the food and tell them, enjoy it.
This is Blacks and Whites helping people, showing love, this is what the churches should be doing, and all Black organizations that receive grant money should be doing it.
An “Uncle Tom” who was in the barbershop asked, “What organization has been giving free groceries for 38 years?”
Rufus the barber said, “You must be new in Montreal or living in a cave. It’s the Westend Sports Association, WESA 4 The late Richard Lord used to be a big supporter of theirs. Richard Lord had a lot of great contacts in the business world, and he did not have a deep inferiority complex (about talk to White folks).”
“A lot of Blacks hate each other and they don’t even know it, said Rufus. A lot of them hate themselves and don’t know it. Read that book by Mack B. Morant. It’s all there.”
Professor said, “2015 will be a very interesting year for the readers of Community Contact.”
Poboy said, “Why?”
Professor said, “Because a lot of very intelligent people read Community Contact.”
A lot of “Uncle Toms read Community Contact, but they will not admit it. They read it because they want to know what Blacks are thinking and saying about them. And White folks, a lot of White folks, read Community Contact because they want to know more about Black folks… but they really still can’t figure us out.
Love and Respect!