Impact Article: The virtue of humility

Come down from your high horse

If you are going toPastor Julianna new make a difference in this life and make an impact on your generation, you have to know about this precious virtue of God called humility. There are so many proud people today and some are full of pride for nothing.
I find it so surprising how a leadership position can cause people to become unmannerly, abusive, loud, arrogant etc.
This proud spirit has become an epidemic in professions of all kinds; whether civil servants, policemen, judges, lawyers, politicians and the list can go on and on. This evil spirit can  even be found among Christians, pastors, bishops and church leaders and because of that many cannot enjoy a true and fulfilling Christian life.
The word of God says in Proverbs 16:18 that pride brings destruction and comes before a fall. Today, I am appealing to those who are full of pride to please come down from your high horse otherwise you will be brought down.
Pride will take you up very high just like a rocket but in due time, it will also bring you down like twig tossed down by the winds. Do not let your position in life get to your head. It is better to develop the virtue of humility and live a long faithful and rewarding life.
God loves those who are humble. It is worth repeating that humility will take you higher in life but pride will only take you down. Moreover, it takes humility to see God. Pride on the contrary will not only cause you to see the devil but it will cause you to exhibit one of his greatest character traits. It is pride that caused Lucifer ( the devil) who was once known as the morning star to lose his heavenly position. Pride was found in his heart and he was demoted for eternity! Do not let pride be found in your heart.
Many of us have great potentials to become eagles soaring high where even the sky is no limit to our success but unfortunately pride can easily intercept that journey.
At this time of the year, as we approach Easter, we need to know and remember our Lord and savior Jesus. He died for humanity and as a result millions today worship him. He was very busy in his earthly ministry and it is recorded that He was everywhere doing good. He was healing the sick, mending the broken hearted, sharing, giving and teaching.
It is not easy to meet a busy man like Jesus who was known as the great teacher, the great prophet, the master, the messiah, the son of God, yet he made time for people regardless of their class or reputation. The crowds of his day were always around him and yet he was the most humble person that ever lived and walked the face of the earth.
Jesus taught us a very good lesson that no matter what comes your way, humility is the key. Weather you want to be promoted, live a good life, or have a good family, humility is the key. If you want to enjoy life or have your life celebrated it; all starts by being humble. Humility is not a gift but rather it is a virtue from God.