A big birthday celebration to Joe The Plumber

A big birthday celebration to Joe The Plumber

Relatives and Friends mark Maddy’s 65th

Rosie Awori (LJI) & Egbert Gaye

Only those who have really needed the services of a plumber can appreciate the value of Joseph Phillip to our community and on the same token, only those who know the true value of a father can appreciate the man we call “Maddy.”

And as the community gem, as he is aptly described by a family member, marks his 65th birthday, relatives, friends and indeed the community is celebrating the milestone with him with expressions of gratitude.

We also call him Joe. He arrived in Montreal in the early 1970s from Point Fortin, a tight-knit community on the southern tip of Trinidad and Tobago that is home to many exceptional individuals in sports, cultural activities and politics.

They once called him Skinny. Today, Joe is robust, heavy-set and bubbly, as such, he is the go-to guy those needing a Santa Claus. He gets calls from as far off as New York to play the part.

But more than that, in his own way, Joe has established himself as an icon in Quebec’s Black and Caribbean community.
Sure he is Trini-to-the-bone to the core but he is a lil’ bit of the Caribbean in its entirety. His current wife of 26 years Yvonne is Jamaican and she has transforme part of Joe to become a true “Yardie” he has the twang down pat.
He came here trained as a welder, having learnt the trade from his dad and grandpa in T&T. In Montreal, he eventually landed a job with Borenstein Plumbing and Heating and stayed with them for 32 years.
But it is in his highly skilled capacity as a plumber that Joe made himself invaluable to probably every household in our community.
He answered every call and showed up, sometimes late, maybe even a few days or more later but Joe showed up.
In doing the tens of thousands of jobs Joe always shared a laugh or ‘ole talk’ with people in distress. More than that, he was always nice enough to accept the little offerings of tasty delights that came with visiting Black households.
Over the years he ate and drank a lot but gave and continues to give so much more with his exceptional skills as a plumber.
To his family: wife Yvonne and five children, 17 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, as well as the army of nieces, nephews, cousins and pumpkin-vine attachments, he is a rock of support and a paragon of virtue and manliness to all.
His love for music and community also define Joe.
Many remember the days when he was DJ Maddy a sobriquet he shares with his oldest brother, the famed Mad Man Maddy one of the best deejays out of T&T and New York City.
Today, the recently retired Joe The Plumber still finds a day or two to help his former employer and remains on call to his community.
Covid-19 has cramped his zest and absolute love for travelling but no doubt, he’ll be back on the road visiting friends and family in cities across Canada, USA and the Caribbean.
It’s amazing how much love and respect can be heaped on one man but Joseph Mathew Philip is deserving of it all.

Happy Birthday Joe.

I thank GOD for providing me with an amazing
husband. So many things. I love and appreciate you.
May God’s continuous blessings be always with YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, from your wife.

The meaning of Joseph is a leader. We thank you for
being not only a leader but a wonderful father, confidant, positive role model, grandfather and friend. If we never had you as our father in our lives we would never be same. Thank you so much dad for always being there to support us, care for us, love us and encourage us. You can NEVER and will NEVER be duplicated. You are truly one of a kind and truly God’s gift to us! We love you so much and thank you again.
From your children Juanita, Scott, Osmond, Eric and  Camille. Grandchildren Lulu, Kareem, Ballah, Trewayne, Josèe, Athena, Dasia , Danika, Danae, Denari, Zakiya, Trenton great grandchildren Harlem and Nolan.

We thank God for creating you, for pouring His Spirit into you, and for placing so many gifts within you.  You are one of the most dedicated and loving father I know, always there for us all, going above and beyond your call of duty.  You have worked tirelessly to provide for your family and always treated everyone with kindness and respect.  You have been a pillar of strength, a great motivator with your encouraging words.  
You are a faithful husband, a compassionate and loving father, a caring friend, and everyone who have come in contact with you have been blessed by your presence and your sense of humour.
Happy birthday. Blessings daddy,  may the Lord richly bless you always. Love always.
Nicole, Osmond, Angelika and Aliyah

A special Happy 65th Birthday to you Father Maddy aka Daddy aka Uncle Joe!
I used the word ‘father’ so you know that nothing you’ve ever done has ever fallen short of how a REAL man would and should take care of his own and that is what I’ve felt for more than a
decade… just like one of your OWN.
You’ve been a true father figure to me and have shown me what unconditional love should look and feel like. I know that we (Camille & I) put you through it but the grace and patience that God has blessed you with is all I ever see. You truly are a wonderful man, father and friend. I love you beyond any written words could
express, May our Lord and Savior continue to bless you and us with your presence. You are the true meaning of
Nekita (Your 2nd daughter, the one you didn’t ask for lol)

Uncle Joe, my father.
Blessings on your 65th birthday. I’m happy you’re still young because that means you’re here for a next 65 years. Thank you is not enough for what you done for me. You showed me how to respect my elders and be kind to others.
I wish there was a stronger word than I love you because that’s what it is for me about you.
Love your son, Kevin Phillip.

Happy Happiest Birthday to one of my uncles who is like my father…. Loving, kind and always makes me laugh. The loudest brap!! Brap!! brap !! All the way from T&T. God bless you from Ayana Phillip

To a kind, humble, funny, and patient Uncle… I feel very proud to have you as an Uncle. Love you xoxoxo

My name is Jermain, artistically known as Jmax…. that’s what my uncle calls me-with great enthusiasm.  
My Uncle Joseph is a strong, family oriented, fun-loving, proud Trini. He’s my dad’s older brother.
He is selfless and consistently maintains a positive outlook and always knows how to put a smile on my face. One of my favourite things is when Uncle Joseph pokes fun at how I “does get on” when enjoying myself at family functions.

“Hey, you better watch out for this guy Jmax!” – Uncle Joseph

As my dad and siblings would attest, his work ethic is impeccable and we love him dearly. We are proud of him and proud we are family.

Joseph Matthew Phillip mere words cannot express my undying gratitude and love for you. You show so much love to us your siblings, your wife, children, god children, grand -children, nieces, nephews, cousins, in laws, friends and most of all our queen mother Marjorie. You are the epitome of who a family man should be.
Joe, my little big brother, who followed me I say happy, happy birthday from the bottom of my heart. I pray God’s continued blessings of good health, strength, wisdom, wealth and your heart’s desires as you celebrate your 65th earth strong my brother. You are unique and special, one in a million and a gem of our family.

Happy birthday, Uncle of life. Words fail me to describe the love I have for you. You raised me and my siblings like your children, without allowing us to be in lack of anything good.
At the tender age of 11 you taught me a life lesson that I cherish and embrace today. How many of you all know how to take off and put on a complete toilet or even know how to cut off your main water supply… I do.
At the age of 15, our big road trip to New Orleans was epic, especially since we attended the Essence Festival in which Pattie Labelle starred in, and many others like Brian Mc Knight, KC and JoJo, Mary J Blige and many more.
At 17, you took me to my prom in your plumbing van when my limousine failed to pick me up on time. I sat on a bucket seat that you made for me with love in between you and Aunty Yvonne, whatever it was you always found a way.
I just want to thank you for the happy memories and great lessons you have given me, Uncle. You are not only my Uncle, sometimes you are my father, my mentor and sometimes my friend. I’m so lucky to be your niece. May God continue to illuminate your path and give you immense happiness. Remain fruitful and blessed.
Love Your Christopher Columbus Your Niece Jaziele and Jaz Marie

I am grateful to have you in my life. You are the perfect example of a great  father, uncle and friend. I wish you many more blessings. You are and will forever be NUMBER 1.
From your niece TOVA a.k.a “brown bag”.🥰

It is with great pleasure that I wish Happpy Birthday to the most respectable, precious, and highly favored man known to our community as Uncle Joe (Father Maddy). From my entire family to you, we would all like to wish you the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER, filled with nothing other than God’s true blessings. May He continue to fill your cup.
Love you Uncle Joe from Natalie Geddes.

Happy 65th Birthday Uncle Joe
I thank you for your constant guidance and dedication to our family. I’m so grateful to have you in my life . I appreciate your kindness .May God continue to bless you . Love Cleo, Kassa, Prince and Kassidy.

We would like to send our sincerest wishes to “pops” Phillip on his birthstrong… Your kindness does not go unnoticed…
Peace and Love from Timmy, Shy, Trey and Neyama

To a kind, humble, funny, and patient Uncle… I Love you, from Onella and O’Neil.

Happy birthday to our favorite plumber Joseph Matthew Phillip.  Cherish every second of this day.
Enjoy every moment you smile.  I am grateful for knowing someone like you.
From your friend Roy Fraser