Who stands on guard for “We”?

Lost Identity

My reYsam new picture newgular readers know that I have been extremely critical of issues that affect us as a community and Canadians at large. It has always been about the issues, never the governing party or any other ruling or religious faction.
However, there appears to be changes that sadly are taking place at the very top, which do not augur well for us as a people, and by extension as a nation. There is no example in the history of the world of a civilization, country or culture that has survived without an intact family unit. Historically, this meant mother, father, sister, brother, grandparents… and in some cases extended family members.
With the onslaught of the Industrial Revolution came what we now know as the nuclear family: father, mother, brother and sister. Now judges and politicians are redefining the family unit, and gender is no longer determined at birth.
How is it possible for mankind to become so arrogant as to openly state that gender is no longer determined at birth, based on the anatomical features present when they are born? How times have changed! Canada has become a country of no laws, boundaries, morals, or values, and a country cannot survive when there are no rules governing acceptable behavior. No longer does Canada stand on any moral ground when seeking solutions to its problems. Concepts of right versus wrong are abandoned in favor of whatever is the current popular sentiment.
For example, in Vancouver the problem of heroin addiction is addressed by providing addicts with facilities where they can “safely” abuse the drug. It is evident that the current approach seems to be if a problem cannot be solved, it should simply be legalized so that it can be “controlled.”
As Jeremiah in his day did, permit me to also ask: “Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? Why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered (Jeremiah 8:22)? When those values are compromised, the results do have a trickle-down effect, even into parenting.
Now that Mother Nature is getting on in age, she is beginning to make all sorts of mistakes. Boys are claiming to be girls; girls are now claiming to be boys. In addition, there are some who are even going so far as to say there is no longer a thing called gender; there is no male or female, but rather one can “self-identify” from moment to moment as to what their gender is. I am currently standing at 5 ft. 8 in. and self-identify as six foot eight inches tall, so from a legal standpoint I should be recognized by what I believe, regardless of whether it’s based on facts. Think of Protagoras, the famous Greek philosopher, who is also considered the father of relativism, which basically says there are no absolutes. He is also well known for his statement: “Man is the measure of all things, of the things that are, that they are, that they are, of the things that are not, that they are not. Certainly no one would solicit the service of a medical professional that only “self-identifies” as a physician, having never attended medical school.
Even President Obama has demonstrated his belief in this foolishness. A few months ago he made bathrooms in the White House “gender neutral.” Now bathrooms are no longer labeled as male or female. You can now choose which one to use based on how you “self-identify” at that moment. If I may wish upon a star or wish for things afar, perhaps the self-identity can move from gender to encompass ethnicity and Blacks can self-identify as whites. That’s simply adding a twist to the list.
Moving right along, to a new reform by Citizenship and Immigration Canada where Canadians no longer need to undergo gender-reassignment surgery in order to change their federal citizenship documents. This recent development will aid transgender Canadians who either cannot afford, or do not wish, to undergo gender-reassignment surgery to legally change their documents to the gender with which they identify. Provinces such as Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba have already removed the requirement of gender reassignment surgery for amending legal documents. Nova Scotia is also in the process of enacting legislation to impose similar measures.
Unfortunately, Canada leads the way in North America on moral decay. According to this view, there is no God or any higher power. Each individual is the ‘all and be all’ of their existence.  There is no common moral framework by which man should live; every man lives by his own individual moral code. By believing thus, a society loses the very glue that keeps a people united.
Typically, language, moral values and patriotism are some of those common threads that make a society cohesive.
Now buckle up for the ride, or should that be chuckle and hide? But the Quebec Ministry of Education is beginning mandatory sex education, teaching 5-year-olds about masturbation, genitalia and homosexuality. To further compound this forcing of values, the Ministry is refusing parents the choice of opting children out. There are also no planned exemptions. If the Ministry deems the program successful it will become compulsory in all Québec schools beginning in September 2017.
By the time the children reach secondary school (ages 12-17), it’s the goal of the Ministry that they will have had their first romantic relationship, and would have explored different aspects of sexual behavior. I know if I dare question how the government intends to implement this new sex education curriculum I would be immediately slapped with a variety of labels ranging from the earful to the tearful. But call it what you may, someone had better have a say before the kids start to play.
The government is invading every aspect of our public and private lives.
Values are the DNA of any society and it is blatantly apparent that Canada has lost all her values, and as such it is questionable as to who is standing on guard and what is being guarded? The true north strong and free no longer rings true, for true freedom only works within the context of shared rules or beliefs.
For example, in the game of basketball all players agree to a common set of rules by which the game is played. Within these rules are opportunities for individual players to express their uniqueness. If the common rules are not accepted then basketball does not exist.
We cannot afford to become complacent or accept that “It is what it is.” So it is with Canada, present day Quebec, the Black community and our existence as a people and by extension a society.
Who stands on guard for “we” as a people? There is no moral framework on which to base an answer, and no ideological context in which we can define ourselves as a people or community.

Aleuta—The struggle continues.