Financial Wisdom for the upcoming season

Pastor Julianna new
As we approach the end of the year we also draw close to the holiday season. We are going to confront the same types of enemies that have been fighting us now for years. These enemies come from within us therefore, we can call them self-made enemies. Proverbs 2:11 says that “discretion will preserve you and understanding will keep you”.
Every new year, many people go into serious depression because of the troubles they created for themselves over the holidays.
The first self­made enemy we need to face is financial foolishness. Many of the gifts we buy for Christmas, we can’t afford but we purchase them anyways to make a big impression on friends and families.
We “max­out” our credit cards and empty our bank accounts in the name of  having a happy Holiday season. Some even refused to pay their monthly bills and spend all their money in order to purchase gifts instead. However those purchases will “run them down” come the month of January.
Dear readers, it’s time to understand patterns so we can fight the enemy of poverty. The shopping centers are so much wiser than we are. They really don’t care if you commit suicide or go into deep depression because of financial problems. if not you, someone else will meet their sales quotas.
I am giving you information so you can stay out of debt this year, through the wisdom of God. He desires for us to prosper and be in good health  but many people  choose to remain poor because they either do not know what to do or because they lack the knowledge of God’s will regarding prosperity and finances.
We have to be able to confront the enemy within us that wants us to buy things that we cannot  afford. You should tell your friends and family the truth regarding your financial situation and you would be surprised how much love they would extend to you for telling them the truth. Sometimes, the greatest gift you can give comes from a heart of love and appreciation.
After financial foolishness, our next enemy is waste. Even God is against people that waste. Read John y:12; Jesus told to his disciples to gather up the bread fragments that none would be wasted and as a result twelve baskets were gathered. I have discovered that wasteful people do not know how to maintain what they have. They always go for new items, dumping the previous ones which could have either been repaired or reused in the garbage.
This Holiday season, I encourage you to be aware of the enemy and work hard to bless the less fortunate because each of us was born to be a blessing.
Please note, a giver never lacks but those that lack never give.