Children do not need their fathers to be perfect, they just need them to be there

Children do not need their fathers to be  perfect, they just need them to be there

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it is important that fathers are once more made aware amidst the challenges and struggles, the importance of a father’s role and the joys of being a father.
The importance of a father’s role in shaping his children’s self-esteem is often underestimated .The raising of children can be very demanding, especially when the father has them early in his life, has not even got his own life in order, and possess limited to no resources.
Preaching about not having kids until you are financially stable, or married does not help those who are already in this situation.
President Barack Obama came from a single parent home with limited resources, which proves that any child can achieve success as long as they have parents who love and support them.
Fathers need to be there for their children regardless of what the father is, or what he has.
Fathers need to be the best role models they can be , and build their children up, not tear them down.
Yes, fathers can tear down children with the words sometimes used, but they do it more by their deeds.
Remember words are very important and words hurt. The positive words our children hear stays with them forever, the negative words they hear can equally damage them forever.
Additionally, the relationship that a father has with the mother of his children is very important.
People are not always compatible, and sometimes feelings towards spouses, or the children’s mother changes.
Fathers, if you and the mother of your children are separated, it is very important to work as hard as you can to maintain a positive and civil relationship with the mother. It is also important that you resist the urge to say negative things about your children’s mother in front of them. Divorces, and breakups can be very tough, but fathers must think of the impact their behavior has on the children.
They are innocent victims of your failed relationships, and they usually wind up suffering the most, many times blaming themselves. It is your job Dad to make your children know they are not responsible for your failed relationships.
If the family is a house, then the father is the foundation. There are too many fathers missing. There is a difference between a father, and a man who has a child. Being a father never ends, it is a lifetime job.
Being a father is the most important job a man will have. Being a good role model and being there for your children can be the difference between them having a life of positivity and prosperity or a life of struggle.
Children who believe their fathers believe in them have higher self-esteem, and more self-confidence.
Conclusively, remember to love your children unconditionally, over-communicate with them, but above everything else, be there for them. Tell them they can be, and encourage them to be whatever they want to be.
No goal is out of reach, no dream is too big if you give your children the encouragement and support, they need.
A father does not need to be perfect, however, he does needs to be there.
Happy Fathers’ Day to fathers everywhere.

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