More Reasons Why Black Lives Matter To All Of Us

Wake up, wake up, it’s just a dream… Trump is out of hospital and he’s back to his old tricks


I don’t know about you, but I am tired of hearing about the injustices in the United States.

So many Black people have been killed particularly by white police and again and again, the justice system finds a way to set these murderers free.
You see I have given up believing that there is justice for Black people.
It is even more frustrating to know that all the effort by white and Black to obtain this justice for all, was wasted as no one seems to be listening.
‘Black Lives Matter’ is raising consciousness amongst all, whites, browns and Blacks but justice is still denied because of systemic racism.
I am also very tired to see President Donald Trump defying the true findings of the scientists as he leads his committed supporters, who see him as incapable of doing or saying anything wrong, or inappropriate. Politics in the United States has sunken to the lowest level: imagine over 90 interruptions in a fiasco of a debate, of which more than 70 were charged to the sitting president.
What was supposed to be a civil debate between two men from such high offices, turned out to be nothing more than an insult to the intelligence of the American people and other viewers.
So as I continue to watch the television and to be bombarded by this nonsense, I begin to search for something new to watch and to listen.
Over the last three weeks we have seen the passing of the Hon . John Turner, former P. M. of Canada even though for a very short period, Mrs. Aline Chretien, wife of the Hon. Jean Chretien who served many terms as prime minister of Canada, Judge Ruth Ginsburg of the U. S. Supreme court, and a very forceful advocate of civil and human rights particularly of gender equality.
Also from my own country ,Jamaica, we saw the untimely passing of the Hon D.K. Duncan a former minister in Prime Minister Michael Manley’s government.
Dr. Duncan is dear to many of us in Montreal as he was a dental student at McGill University and a contemporary of some of us Jamaican students both at McGill and Concordia University. We have watched with admiration his rise to prominence in Jamaica and his unselfish dedication to the uplifting of his fellow Jamaicans.
It is always heart-warming to see people putting others in front of themselves and work to make life better for these ‘others’.
In one’s life if all goes well, a time will come when one’s interest is not on his/her narcissistic self but on others. This period comes early for some, for others later, and for some that period remains elusive.
We cannot give of ourselves if there is still the need to focus on the self to get and get and get, instead of to give and give and give. So as I ponder the challenge of giving back to our community and to our country, and the passing of our culture to the younger generation, I was told that the president of the United States has tested positive with COVID-19.
I have had a lot of time to digest this bit of information.
First of all, this man is not my favorite, because of the things he says and does. He’s anti-Blacks, he supports white supremacy, and he has divided the U. S. along racial lines, promoting more hate. He has not shown any regret or sympathy for police action re- Black people. He has senselessly refused to wear a mask, encouraged others not to wear it also and ridiculed Vice President Joe Biden for wearing one.
So what do I do now? Do I jump and shout for joy because of his infection? Or do I take the higher ground, to have pity on him, pardon him for his ignorance?
June 17, 2015, Dylann Roof a white supremist gunned down nine Black congregants at an AME church in Charleston , South Carolina. The church has since forgiven Mr. Roof.
It is interesting to know that the motive for this low level behavior of murder was carried out by a white person, while the high order human behavior of forgiveness was carried out by Black members of a church. As a people we all have the ability to change and to do what is right.
There is a Biblical story of a man named Saul, who was on his way to persecute and imprison Christians in Damascus. On his way he was struck with blindness and had to be led instead of leading. He was humbled by this sudden change in his life. He learned from his mistake and became the greatest champion and defender of Christianity. His name was changed to Paul.
So dream with me a while…. could this infected Trump be changed to become a powerful advocate of the poor and the down- trodden, a champion of civil and human rights, a world class leader for peace and unity. Is the infected Trump going to change for the better or if he gets well again it will be business as usual?
If there is no positive change and his infection is just a part of his sordid scheme, then might as well he pays a price.
Black Lives Matter, needs more support. We need more white and brown people to take up the mantle and walk side by side with Blacks in order to rid the world of this running sore of systemic racism, leaving an intact community without a festering, debilitating handicap.
I am so anxious for this to happen; for President Trump and his followers to make a turn-around from the present direction they are heading.
Maybe we need some divine intervention, more of your prayers. Wake up, wake up, its just a dream.
Trump is out of the hospital and he is back to his old tricks.