Watching that ongoing discussion on U.S. television networks with hopes of finally hearing some earth-shattering news about the man occupying the White House is a virtual waste of time. He’s unfazed. But is he racist?

For years I heard of him and read about him and his [financial] exploits, especially about his wealth accrued from major real estate holdings around the world, but especially in New York City and other parts of the U.S.
But something about the real estate magnate, his wealth, his arrogance, over-the-top ego, pompousness, bombast, and other questionable human traits never resonated with me. Not the least of which was his obsession (surrounding himself) with ‘pretty’ [white] girls, Ms ‘this and that’, creating an image he naturally cultivated and used to vault into the world of celebrity…
And with his transformation into ‘reality television’ star on that show, millions tuned in to every week, it helped underscore why I didn’t like the man. And his Pinnochio trait, Damn!
[Full disclosure: I never watched the show, but the fact that it was a weekly bit of escapism on home television meant that I couldn’t escape the domestic reaction to the man and his games, so I would take a glance on occasion, based on the reaction of the viewers’ reaction to see that man embarrassing guests, who seemed to want to be yearning fifteen minutes of television fame and notoriety subject themselves to all forms of humiliation and embarrassment at the mouth of that man, on his show.]
But with the unpredictability and miracle of his unlikely ascension to the role of President of the United States the world has come to realize that the man is less than he’s cracked up to be: a “smoke and mirrors” showman in a ‘real life’ game employing various stratagem in which many at the top and bottom rungs of the social ladder/strata/ were ‘taken’ and discarded by the wayside. Much the way he did on reality television.
Little did Americans and the rest of the world know that the reality show man seen each week was a bombastic character who, unbeknownst to most was merely rehearsing for a much bigger role and stake in what many refer to as the “biggest show in the world.”
He was an ego-driven personality with inherent political ambitions, which he jokingly teased some with when questioned.
Jump ahead… Right now, President Donald Trump is sitting pretty in the White House and doing his damndest to bulldoze the legacy (accomplishments and contributions to evolving U.S. history) of his predecessor and the first “Black American” to be elected president of the United States.
Clearly, an unprecedented and historic event to do what many believed to be “the unthinkable… not in my lifetime sort of thinking…”
Trump continues to be a questionable work in progress on an ultra-nationalist, racist quest to “Make America White Again.” It’s his subtly stated agenda, and his actions so far are speaking much louder than his old clarion call: “Make America Great…” – for some, but in the process a daily living hell for many others—especially those he deems un-American.
Almost three years on many can’t wait for November 2020, when they hope to see him jettisoned from the White House. Not the least of which are millions of Afro Americans. Black people.
Mind you, Black people are not a monolith; a handful of them are defying logic and expressing their support for a man who isn’t short on invectives and disparaging words and phrases to describe Black and other nonwhite peoples…
You’ve seen and heard him perform in his long political-presidential, diatribe-laced reality show.
“Highest office in the land?” Land that was expropriated and usurped by Pilgrims and other settlers and their descendants, with labour provided on the backs of African slaves who were imported to do the drudgery… “Carriers of water, hewers of wood…” who are still waiting against the backdrop of recurring conversations of “forty acres and a mule” and “reparations…”
Trump never mentions any of that in his verbal or literary diatribes and invectives that aspect of the land he and “Patriots” like himself love so deeply.
Some people just don’t matter in Trump’s world.
Here’s something.
On February 6, 1974, a formal inquiry was initiated against Republican president Richard Nixon for political misdeeds. The United States House of Representatives soon passed a resolution that led to his impeachment. [At the time, a RnB/Soul group, I forget their name, recorded a song “Impeach the President.] Nixon had invested his hopes in the mantra: “I am not a crook…” It didn’t help; he was forced to resign later that year.
So with a political miasma swirling around the current Republican president Donald “the Teflon president” Trump’s administration almost from day one, will a similar fate befall him? After all, he… his administration has come under much scrutiny surrounding alleged (say multiple) political, financial and other improprieties.
But he’s proving to be an anti-Velcro, Teflon kinda man. Some even suggest that he has cast a Jim Jones-like spell on his disciples/klan… as well as his detractors’ attempts to sanction him.
Here’s hoping the Wednesday, July 24, Judiciary and Intelligence Committees’ hearings featuring testimony by former special counsel Robert Mueller (and his 448-page report of the Trump-Russia inquiry into his possible implication with Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, which he has persistently denied with his mantra: “No collusion…” Ad Infinitum will finally come to an end when he receives the Richard Nixon treatment.
And yes, Trump is! Impeach that president.