Help Available to young mothers

From parenting workshops to back-to-school to employability programs

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As the new coordinator of the Au Futur program at the Jamaica Association, community worker Susan Hamilton has her hands extended to help all young mothers who are seeking a better path forward.
Hamilton, who recently started in the position, says her program is offering a range of services all focused on empowering young mothers and their children.
“It’s important for many of these young mothers to know that they can find support in the community,” says Hamilton. “That’s why we are reaching out to them to let them know that help is available.”
Hamilton lists a number of services that are available to mothers between the ages of 15 and 25, including a support group, parenting workshop, a collective kitchen, back-to-school assistance or an employability program geared at getting them into the work force.
The program has been in place at the Jamaica Association for the past 20 years and has helped dozens of young women put themselves on solid ground.
Hamilton says just one phone call puts a long list of resources at the disposal of these young women and their children.
Call Susan Hamilton at 438-499-8229.