Heard in Southwest Mtl.: Trudeau Time and Miller Time

Heard in Southwest Mtl.:  Trudeau Time and Miller Time

Everybody iBob White newn the barbershop was texting everybody else: “It’s Miller time, it’s Miller time.”
A baby mother came into barbershop and Professor asked her son, “How old are you?”
He said, “9-years-old.”
Professor asked, “What time is it?”
The boy said, “It’s Miller time.”
Professor said, “When Lisa Montgomery, the director of operations for the Marc Miller campaign called the barbershop, she said that she was looking for the “Rocket,” she was referred by the Mayor of Place Victor Hugo, Prof. Ed Nurse.
When Lisa Montgomery told the Regulars of the Ways and Means Committee who she was: (her father was the late Jimmy Montgomery) we could not refuse to work with Marc Miller and guarantee to get him elected in the South-West district of Montreal.
At the first meeting with  Marc Miller MP, the Regulars of the Ways and Means Committee knew that, because they heard it all from politicians from all parties, but they knew that this guy was their candidate to send to Ottawa to represent them.
It was not easy, but the Regulars of the Ways and Means Committee knew that they could get Marc Miller elected.
People who never voted before came out to vote, all the barbershop, beauty salons, baby mothers, baby fathers, everybody. The same system that was used to get the president of the U.S.A, Barack Obama, elected, was the same system that was used by the Regulars of the Ways and Means Committee to get Marc Miller elected.
Almost a week before the election, there was a two-hour meeting with Justin Trudeau at a restaurant on Peel Street; he told the people at the meeting, along with Marc Miller, about the great work the Regulars of the Ways and Means Committee were doing in Little Burgundy.
The Barbershop was crowded as always.
Professor raised his hand, he had something to say and he wanted everybody to listen. Everybody stopped texting each other, and stopped talking.
The professor said, “We all know that George Grant, Honorary Consul for Jamaica, is the most powerful person of color (Black) in Quebec, he is not the president of the Jamaica Association, but he made a generous donation to the president of the Dominica Island Cultural Association, Mrs. Ketley Maitland-Blades. Now, George Grant was invited to a function with Marc Garneau, MP of Westmount-NDG, newly elected Marc Miller, Wayne Yearwood, former Olympic basketballer, and Trevor Williams, member of Dream Team One and the Trevor Williams Foundation, and Bob White of Community Contact.
Something was not right at the meeting; some people kept walking in and around the place. Then Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau walks in, shakes the hand of Rt. Hon. Marc Garneau, M.P., Wayne Yearwood, and tells Wayne, “I know all about the good work that has been going on in Little Burgundy.” Then he talks with Bob White, then Trevor Williams.
He sits with Marc Miller. People walk over for autographs and want to take photos. The only one missing at the table was George Grant who was at the Centaur Theatre with a group from the Union United Church.
Genius put up his hand, “Get to the point.”
Professor said, “O.K., Justin Trudeau and Marc Miller had a two-hour meeting with Trevor Williams, Wayne Yearwood and Bob White.
Now a lot was said in two hours.
Just Chillin said, “Get to the point.”
Professor said, “If George Grant had to do it over again, would he attend an event with a group from the Union United Church or attend an event for two hours, uninterrupted, with Marc Miller and Justin Trudeau?”
Schoolboy asked, “What did Bob White, Trevor William and Wayne Yearwood talk about to Marc Miller and Justin Trudeau for two hours?”
Keep reading Community Contact and Bob White will tell you what they talked about.
You have to listen very closely to what Justin Trudeau said in his speech before he got elected, again, before he got elected, about bringing people together, meaning Black and white, like his father did when he made Ann Cools a senator. He did not have to do this.
His father was a very close friend of the late Richard Lord; people used to call him, Liberal Lord, not Richard Lord.
When Justin Trudeau, the new prime minister, talks about bringing people together, he is talking about Blacks and whites and all the other colours of the human rainbow; rich and poor; laborers, students and professionals, all Canadians.
This is what Marc Miller, now Marc Miller, M.P., and Justin Trudeau, now Prime Minister of Canada, Rt. Hon. Marc Garneau, and Bob White, did in Montreal with little interruption in the South-West district of downtown Montreal, along with Wayne Yearwood and Trevor Williams.

It’s a new day for Canadians who voted in the South-West district for Marc Miller. He learned about how non-white people really feel about Canada, and he will find out more from the Ways and Means Committee.
Professor said, “With all their money and so-called experience, you would think all the parties that ran against Marc Miller would know if they did their research they would have known that they could not beat Marc Miller. If they had done their homework on the Director of operations, Lisa Montgomery, they would have known that they were in big trouble – the end result was Marc Miller by a landslide; his closest rival got 6,471 votes.
Four years from now, whoever wants to run against Marc Miller is doing so just to get their name in a newspaper. If you want your name in the newspaper, smoke in bed.
One of the regulars of the Ways and the Means Committee says that he was always talking with Maria Peliso; he said she was part of the Miller Time success.
Just chillin said, “I voted, and all of my friends that never voted before voted this time, because it was the South-West district and we all wanted to make a big statement. We wanted to show whoever the Liberal candidate was we would guarantee to get him or her elected.
Schoolboy said “what’s so special about Marc Miller, is he going to be the focus, or just like the rest of them [politicians]?
When Justin Trudeau kept saying he wants to keep people together and he wants to make real change, the other party was trying to get voters by putting fear into them – the other parties underestimated Justin Trudeau and they underestimated the voting public.
Anyone who sits with Justin Trudeau and Marc Miller for two hours, and talk about everything and anything, while Bob White is taking notes, and the place is crowded and everybody is wondering, “What are they talking about, who are those “brothers,” What is the meeting about? Well now they know winning is not everything, it’s the only thing.
News travels very fast when something happens in Montreal, the telephones are very busy in all the barber shops and beauty salons – “Did you hear, did you hear,” Did you know what happened last night, Trevor Williams, Wayne Yearwood and Bob White from the Community Contact Marc Miller and Lisa Montgomery were having dinner with Marc Garneau and Justin Trudeau for a couple of hours. What did they talk about – Because when that Bob White gets your ear, he doesn’t stop. He goes on and on about the history of the South-West district of Montreal and how they are going to get help from this Liberal candidate Marc Miller who is a friend of his good buddy, Prof. Eddie Nurse.
Rufus the Barber said, “I know Bob White must have worn out Justin Miller telling him” its Miller time.
Professor said, “Listen to me closely. When we saw the attack ads about Justin “not ready” and so on we knew what it was all about. In sports you practice very hard, another coach will say you’re not ready to start.
So you keep practicing and you sit on the bench then you say I’m gone. You transfer to another university and you become a starter after you sit out one year. You always knew that you could play.”
The South-West area of Montreal produced some of the best student athletes over 20 years ago, without facilities and government funding. So if Justin Trudeau stays grounded, he will be Prime Minister of Canada for a long time.
Genius put up his hand, he wanted everyone to be quiet, nobody was listening, so he got up, stood on a chair and put up both hands. The crowded barber shop got quiet. He said that Oletymer would do a wrap up of the election.
Oletymer, started to talk, everybody knew the wrap up would be long because when Oletymer talks with no notes and “reads the crowd” it is on.
People in the southwest district of Montreal who never voted before voted this time because they wanted hope – they were told by volunteers of color that we might have hope with this guy Marc Miller, if we get him elected. Hope for a place for your children, a recreation facility to keep them off the streets, to lower the crime rate. For many years indoor facilities have been lacking for the youth why, because “they don’t care”, and we all know who they are. It starts at city hall.
Back to this election. We all knew Pierre Elliot Trudeau through Richard Lord, he was a good guy – we all knew Warren Allman, he is a very good guy, we all could sit and talk with these people.
Everybody in Little Burgundy and St. Henri including Oliver Jones, the world’s greatest Jazz pianist were all spiritually playing and singing: “It’s Miller Time.”