Harvestime Mission to Africa: “WE ARE AMBASSADORS”

First-person testimonial  

Submitted by Pastor and Elder Ermina Cudjoe

Growing up in my beautiful homeland, Jamaica, at about age 8, I remember telling my mother: “when I grow up I want to marry an African.”
I cannot imagine what could have stirred that desire at that age, I know however, that almost 50 years ago — I did meet and marry my African prince, a kind, strong, humble, smart, disciplined and Godly man, who loves God and loves people.
I have come to understand that the childhood statement I made was truly a prophetic word over my life — one that would unfold into 45 years of loving, child-rearing, laughter, tears, discipline and training for my MISSION TO AFRICA.
I posted a picture with this article that was taken less than two years into our marriage; while I was pregnant with our first-born certainly, Africa was on my mind.
And the prophesy was unfolding: God started the process of preparing us in many ways for the ultimate task of bringing His Message of Love to the people of Accra, Ghana, as well as such communities as Peki, Torkor, Tsibu, Kpandu and others on the outskirts of Accra.
When we were called and moved to pioneer Harvestime, we were made aware by the Holy Spirit that this was a means to an end, and we obeyed, following his leading in a ministry of serving with special emphasis on social concerns and reaching out to the disenfranchised, the widows, lonely, and anyone needing to know they are loved.
That led us to a ministry, executed not just from a pulpit, but one around a hospital bed, a prison cell, chaplain duties at a seniors residence or one accompanying a single mom to meet with a school principal.
We were a foster family for over 14 years, adopting our last two children, and had the great honour of serving on the Board of Directors at Bathshaw Youth and Family Center for 12 years.
All those experiences were part of the discipline that was needed to interact with the people we served in the mission.
Meeting the basic needs of love, food, shelter, acceptance and inclusion were the example Christ set for us in His Ministry on earth, even though he had the power and access to so much more: He came and died that ALL can live.
Our call to the MISSION TO AFRICA was preceded by challenges, but Our Faithful God walked with us through them all.
When God is about to bless (or use) you, he first reveals your enemies (or challenges). Unsettling as that time was, God faithfully kept his promise, “Never to leave me or forsake me.”
The Harvest opened to us, is one of humble, kind, respectful, skilled, cultured, educated and willing people who are not only ready to embrace the message of Salvation, but prepared and willing to be trained, mentored and released into the Work of God’s Kingdom.
Having spirit empowered men and women trained in theology, equipped and “ready to engage”, is the Father’s heart.
We are on track, working on the curriculum to set up what I call a Religious Training Center, where at little cost we can prepare  “laborers for the Harvest.”
Ghana is saturated with the Word of God, which is evident in business places, private homes and vehicles with names such as God “First Beauty Salon,” “Amazing Grace Plaza,” “Paradise Junction,“ to name a few. And every school has a covering pastor attached for spiritual guidance.
Yes, the harvest is ripe, ready and accessible, and
Harvestime Mission to Africa needs your prayerful support.
“We Are Ambassadors.