The cycles must come to an end

Remembrance… lest we forget!

As we approach the end of the year, I pray you work on your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Please pray for protection for you and your family every day.
Please note that the word of God says that the devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour… Let it not be you!
The last four months of the year have the same phonetic ending [BER].
September, October, November, December, and as their endings sound the same it seems that their seasonal events also have developed similar recurring patterns.
The cycle has been the same for years; September is known for hurricanes, floods and lots of water-related disasters. Multitudes of people become homeless in September.
October is known for a lot: sickness, accidents and sudden death. There are also lots of evil decrees and laws that get published in the month of October.
November is the remembrance month, so consequently lots of pain of past hurts resurface, which lead to lots of depression.
Many who are pretentious talk about how great life is with their family, with managers, money, etc., yet deep down in their hearts they’re hurting and need help.
December is the last month of the year. Though the end of the twelfth month is crowned by beautiful Christmas trees and festivities, there are also a lot of suicides and intentional accidents at that time of the year.
It is so sad to say, but the reality is that there are so many people put in mental institutions because of depression during this last stretch of the year. Right before ringing in the New Year, there are also many demonic activities going on in cities worldwide.
As an intercessor, I am alerting churches and Christians to pray without ceasing during these times.
For years, we have been celebrating Santa parties, having gift exchanges, traveling here and there to visit loved ones, and nothing has changed in the cycle of what these months have to offer us on a larger scale. In spite of our parties, caroling and gift-giving, there are still suicides, initiations, drunk driving accidents and premature deaths of all kinds during the holidays.
Please, this year, let’s get ready to make a change.
Let’s get deeper in prayer and fasting and seeking God’s intervention to end all of these premature deaths that arise and occur at the end of the year. We must pray to stop the ritualistic suicides stealing the lives of precious souls.
Yes, give, celebrate and be merry, but this year let us pray, more than ever before.
The best gift you can give your loved one this year is to pray for their protection from sudden death and accidents.
Let us also pray and stop January’s month of financial famine. Please be wise regarding your December spending. Yes, it is good to give, but be wise in your giving.
All this information is to put you in remembrance of what has been happening over the years, and to remind you of what is to come for the future and your ability to play a role in shaping that future through prayer.

As we remember the past years, in order to take a stand in prayer for our loved ones and our city, we also remember those who stood for us as a nation.
As a church, House of Prayer for all Nations, we salute, with great honour, all the war veterans who sacrificed their lives for their countries, especially those here in Canada. We thank you and wish you all, a Happy Remembrance Day on November 11.