Grenadian Community Icon Hazel Ann Cato-Perry Celebrates 60th Birthday

Grenadian Community Icon Hazel Ann Cato-Perry Celebrates 60th Birthday

by Anne Janice Farray

On Saturday, August 9th, a jubilant crowd of over 100 turned out dressed in a “Touch of Green” to join together to celebrate the 60th birthday of a Montreal Grenadian community icon, Hazel Ann Cato-Perry, better known as Hazy.
The event was held at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Cote des Neiges. The hall was beautifully decorated by Theresa “Clo” Henwood and team.
As one celebrant Marilyn puts it “It was a delightful, enjoyable evening packed with family and friends with glowing colors of green, gold and white, Hazy’s theme, to share the special moment with her.” Her wish was to have a special celebration and requested that her friends wear a “Touch of Green”. They heeded the call!
God knew very well what he was doing when he created Hazy. He knew that she would be one of his special Angel on earth …to be here for many. For this reason, he gifted her with a heart of gold. With this golden heart, she has touched the lives of many. This was very evident in the large crowd who attended the party. She was celebrated with kind words, music and song for the love and kindness she shares with many.
Hazy is the shoulder and bosom on which many lean and a monumental gift to humanity. She is always there if you call. She is an amazing, vibrant, and multi-talented person; a pillar and rock to her family, friends and also the Grenada Nationals Association of Montreal, of which she has been a long-standing member and supporter for over 25 years.
Marilyn captures the essence of Hazy well – “A woman of resilience, perseverance, skills, strength, love, community-minded, kindness, helpfulness are some of the many words to describe this remarkable woman and friend…”. Many more words could be used to describe Hazy: dedication, generosity and reliability.
The spirit within the hall was reflective of the African village atmosphere at her home and backyard which is well-known as “The Carenage”. Her Carenage Crew and other friends came out in full force to organize, support and wish her a happy birthday.
As well, she is very loving and artistically creative. This is evident in the love, care and nurturing of her grandson and granddaughter Tariq & Khaliyah and their cousin Neshon; she loves them dearly.
Tributes extolling thanks, praise and love for Hazy were done by Sharron Noel, on behalf of the Grenada Nationals Association of Montreal; Tariq Lewis, her grandson; and Anne Janice Farray, her sister from another African Queen. In addition, Neshon, Patricia, Pinky, Kelson and by Betty, Lydia, Eunice, some of her #1 friends and part of her Carenage Crew also did special messages. The Reider family, with whom she is employed, creatively celebrated her with a song written specially for her for 60th birthday.
Trevor Perry, her spouse, gave a rousing and beautiful tribute to his wife Hazy. He referred to her as a “nugget” … special to be cherished; he recognized this when he first met her in Guyana about 38 years ago.
In thanking everyone, Hazy took the time to pay homage to her dear brother Albert Cato, aka “Koontay” “Tyan”, now deceased. It was a tearful and sad reflection, especially since his birthdate falls on the day after her birthday. She thanked him for his love and support; he took care of her and sisters when they were growing up. He passed away in the UK, January 2023.
Celebrants were treated to great tasting food befitting Hazy; she is an awesome cook and baker. As well, she was serenaded by Saxophonist Dexter Johnson and in song by Pete Douglas. Fantastic music were provided by DJ Fireblaze, Leroy “Spiceman” Corian and Kelson Petersen of Team Greenz. The MC for the evening was Darnelle Baptiste Noel.
Marilyn’s final words about Hazy sums it up nicely

“Your kindness and compassion touch the lives of everyone around you. Just like your cake, you bring joy, light, and sweetness to the world. Continue to enjoy your birthday celebration. You deserve it! Love and happiness always.”

A great time was had celebrating this Montreal-Grenadian community Icon, Hazy.

Happy Birthday Hazy! Welcome to the Club!