Flavorful Faycil in Lachine

Flavorful Faycil in Lachine
Faye and Cecile: sweet, sweet  hands....

Faye and Cecile: sweet, sweet hands….

Caribbean Bakery & Restaurant grand opening on December 6

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Faye and Cecile have been in Montreal long enough to know that this city has more than its fair share of restaurants, and is renowned for its diverse culinary offerings, thanks to the multiplicity of cultures that make their home here.
In our community also, there is no shortage of eating spots. So why are they so eager to start another one?
“Montreal can still do with a place that is a good bakery and take-out restaurant serving baked goods and food with the delightful Caribbean flavors,” offers Faye. “And that’s what Montrealers can expect when they come to Faycil Caribbean Bakery & Restaurant… flavor and exceptional service.”
The St. Vincent and the Grenadines-born business partners, Faye Rodney and Cecile Henry have a long history of enticing people with their cooking. Back home, both were involved in pastry making and catering, and as a close friend puts it, they were known for their “sweet hands.”
So too in Montreal where friends, relatives and their church family  call on them for pastries, cakes and bread and all types of Caribbean dishes when special occasions roll around.
So the duo have taken the next step to give all Montrealers an opportunity to taste their “sweet hands” at their new spot located at 500 Provost St. in Lachine.
“What we are offering is very much needed in our community in particular and in Montreal,” says Cecile, a mother figure who babysat Faye for many years in SVG. “So we are sure that Caribbean people and others will enjoy our freshly-baked goods and the tasty dishes we’ll be offering them.”
Faye and Cecile’s extended list of baked delights include the irrepressible Black (Rum) Cake, sweet potato pudding, various coconut-filled pastries and all your favorite Caribbean breads, such as hard dough, butter bread, and the Trinidad and Tobago favorite hops bread.
“We’ll be open every day from seven o’clock, so Montrealers can come by for early servings of hot milo tea and something straight out of the oven,” says Cecile.
Although it’s mostly a take-out counter, the little place can sit a few diners.
Also, on their take-out menu, they have put together a variety of much-loved Caribbean dishes such as curry goat, ox-tail, fish and chicken plates together with the always-popular roti and different types of soups.
Faye and Cecile are calling on food lovers everywhere to join them as they begin this culinary adventure in Montreal on December 6, at 500 Provost.
“Come see what we have to offer,” invites Faye. “Sample some and take some home.”
Faycil Restaurant & Bakery. 500 Provost Street, Lachine. 514-538- 5710.