COVID-19: it’s time to call upon the creator of the universe to intervene.

Our anthem, our prayer, our duty…

God keep our land glorious and free! Do you recognize that line that I’ve just quoted from the Canadian national anthem? It is in fact a line of prayer. It is a prayer to God followed by a bow to stand on guard for the land.
We have fought many wars in the past and sent many soldiers on the battlefield in defence of the enemies abroad. Now however, when the enemy has already penetrated and gained ground on our territory and has yet to be captured because it is invisible; we must understand the war is spiritual not physical. This is the war we are facing with the coronavirus. We cannot annihilate it with guns and regular weapons of war but we must act quickly because our people are dying.
People near and far it is time to give COVID-19, coronavirus, the vaccination it has been waiting for. The name of the vaccination is prayer. We’ve been suffering long enough with this virus. This virus is a spirit. It cannot be seen with natural eyes. This virus has become a worldwide pandemic.
If men had the answer to this pandemic it would have been over months ago. If all the sanctions and treatments were effective, no one would have died and the death toll would remain at zero. People, it’s time to call upon the creator of the universe to intervene.
Prayer was essential from day one but the governments put prayer in the last place. If they only understood spiritual things, they would call a week of prayer in Canada for all of the faiths near and far to pray.
Please, all people of Canada take time to call upon the name of the Lord and pray for our land. Our land needs healing from this deadly virus.
If we refuse to pray we will have no other choice but to take a one-world vaccine medication that everyone on planet earth will have to take by force.
Readers, in all your lifetime have you ever heard of one sickness in the whole world getting the same treatment? The whole world wearing a mask for one sickness? People, wake up, it’s time to pray.

Please believe the word of God and read 2Chronicles 7 verse 14. In this chapter of the Bible, there is an instruction that was given by God and it says when there is a pestilence and a pandemic among the people, or if there is a famine, and if my people that are called by my name will humble themselves and pray; that he, God, promises to hear from heaven and forgive our sins and to heal the land.
Only the help of our God can change the story of this pandemic.
Please Join us, House Of Prayer For All Nations, even from your home to pray for Canada, to pray for the United States of America, and to pray for the world. Our God is not a politician, he is not looking for your vote, he is the creator of the universe.
The earth is the Lord’s and all that dwells within it. I urge you to be a part of the spiritual treatment and pray without ceasing. For men must pray and not faint.

Thank you for praying for our beautiful land; O Canada, we stand on guard for thee in prayer.

Pastor Julianna Daniel