An offer to Worship at Montreal Deliverance Church of God Seventh Day

Pastor Beverly Deroy

For 2020, Pastor Beverly Deroy and her small congregation at Montreal Deliverance Church of God Seventh Day are recommitting themselves to their mission of winning souls for the kingdom while helping the poor.
However, Pastor Deroy says the church is seeking help in building a kingdom of people that know and love the Lord and she’s inviting anyone looking a place to worship to join them.
“If you’re looking for a place to worship we would like you to come, Knowing that we are here for just such a short time and that this world is not our home,” she states. “All we want is to love the Lord and do what he has commanded us to do. Come and worship with us, you won’t be sorry.”
At Montreal Deliverance Church of God Seventh Day we want to thank our master The God of Heaven and the maker of all things. We also want to thank all who supported us at our events this past year.
We thank God for you and your families and May God bless you.
This New Year we encourage you to just trust God for he knows what you need.
Thank you all and may God bless you.
Have a Blessed Year

From Pastor Bev and The Saints
Worshipping at 4020 Grand Blvd. NDG, Mtl. Info. 514-736-0650.