ACDPN Career fair an eye opener

African Canadian Development and Prevention Network

It is a length12-18-2014 DSy title for an organization that works tirelessly to help those in need in our community.
Last weekend I attended and Dj’d for ACDPN’s inaugural career fair, which was orientated towards high school students. To my surprise, a full house of youth used the time to come out on a Saturday morning. Multiple professionals from different sectors of the community were on site to mentor: doctors and other healthcare professionals, as well as teachers, to name a few.
ACDPN director Tania Callendar and her team organized the event to inform and familiarize the teens with potential careers they can explore.
The teens were very interested and engaged as they enthusiastically participated in the various activities that were scheduled. In turn, the professionals shared their various stories and experiences. A common denominator among several of the mentors was that they worked menial jobs in their early days. [We all know that this can quickly run its course, because it lacks fulfillment.] Wanting more from life seemed to have been the driving force for furthering education and pursuing a career.
I couldn’t help but look upon the crowd and say to myself these kids don’t realize how fortunate they are to have this kind of event. Then I thought well they are here so I guess they do appreciate it.
Hearing and seeing professionals of colour definitely made an impact on the teens. The careers now had a voice and face they could interact with. In addition to all the valuable information provided, the students were treated to lots of big prizes, food and entertainment.
EMSB teacher/rapper Richie/FullCourse gave a performance that had the audience hanging on his every word.
At the end of it all, everyone in attendance agreed on one thing: the event was a great success.
This was the first career fair hosted by ACDPN and director Tania Callendar assures there will be more to follow catering to youth from the secondary level up to university. In the meantime visit to learn more about this community organization and its mission. Check them out and like them on Facebook.
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