Montreal soca scene heating up for the summer

Montreal soca scene heating up for the summer

In the past when we thought everything was falling apart, it was actually falling in place. Like how this year Montreal Soca scene is showing a lot of promise. From being granted a Caribbean Carnival to the I Am Soca event kicking off the seasons with tremendous success.

Here’s a recap as I Am Soca 2024 featured Lyrikal from Trinidad and surprise artist Marlo from St Vincent. This annual event which always occurs on Victoria Long weekend has surely set party goers on the right track for this year’s Soca scene. Last issue we listed the Soca artists coming to Montreal this year to show how active the city has become so here it is again. Big names such as Lyrikal, Marlo, Patrice Roberts, Problem Child, Black Boy, Dhirv 2 funny, Waddicks, Nadia
Batson, Benjai, Gbm Nutron, Ravi B, Hunter, Mical Teja, Super Blue, Skinny Fabulous, Dawg E Slaughter, Tony Cuttz, Terry Gajraj and many more. Up next is Army Fete 8, featuring Dawg E Slaughter June 22nd.

Montreal annual Army Fete is a well established event in our city that allows patrons to dress up in camouflage attire. Let me first explain
to my new readers the definition of a “FETE”, A word loosely used when describing an event of Caribbean origin. Caribbean people use the word
“Fete” to describe a huge festival, party or celebration. Montreal
Army Fete will be celebrating its 8th edition “The Unspoken Battle” on
Saturday June 22nd, which falls on St Jean Baptiste Day weekend at Caribbean Food Factory, 5311 Blvd. De Maisonneuve Ouest, Montreal.This
year is special as we feature a Soca artist / Dj known as Dawg E Slaughter from Legendary X-caliber International.

Derek Pereira aka Mr. Slaughter aka Dawg-E Slaughter was born on May 28th 1976. Slaughter turned to music at the young age of eleven.
Music was his stronghold, as his accolades speak volumes!
International DJ x Meukow Cognac 2016 International Soca DJ World Champion x Selector/Owner of The Legendary X-caliber International
(est. 1998) from pioneering the “Sound System Era” on 96.1 WEFM + Red
96.7fm. Slaughter then made a successful transition from “DJ to
Artiste”. With hit songs such as Trample, Up in Dat, Carnival, De
Tribute, Tic Toc, Represent and many more. It was solidified that Slaughter was amongst the finest in the industry. Live & Direct from
Trinidad and Tobago we welcome Mr. Slaughter to Montreal Army Fete 8 which also features Montreal top DJs : Production Sounds, Dj Kid, Lil Vicious, Crystal Sounds.

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