A Successful life hinges on intentional preparing


Building in life isPastor Julianna new inevitable so prepare or else you will repair or regret.
As the days are advancing are you preparing for old age?
As you are getting older with each day, are you preparing to eventually leave this world?
Does preparation mean anything to you?
Perhaps, you are preparing for your birthday, or Christmas, or Easter; or for winter, for spring and summer?
The reason why preparation has become a three-part series is because an outstanding performance in your future is based on the qualitative preparation of today.
Understanding that correlation is what will cause you to best make an impact in life.
Many of us are living too carelessly today, forgetting that we are all advancing and getting older .
Many refuse to prepare for marriage and settle down to a productive life, some never prepared financially and wonder why their children put them in senior homes with four beds per room.
Financial preparation, however, will take you in a one room air conditioned suite bedroom. There is power in preparation.
The Word of God was prepared for us as a standard for daily living this word gives us so much information about preparation including planning, programming, financial preparation, health, marriage, spiritual, and emotional kinds.
All forms of preparation are found in God’s Word. In Amos 4:12, we are told to prepare to meet our God. Then in John 14: Jesus said, “I’m going to prepare a place for you” and we in return are asked to prepare you the way of the Lord in Acts 40:3.
Even when our enemies want to destroy our lives because of envy and jealousy, God has said that he would prepare a table for us in the very presence of all those enemies.
Another example is fundamental because God had prepared Jesus, His only Son, to die on the cross for your sins and Jesus’ heart is already prepared to love and forgive you.
Don’t be afraid to be prepared in life. Just remember, no matter what you are involved in, the accomplishment of every good thing requires adequate preparation.
There is a place for preparation in the pursuit of any purpose, especially financially, because without money you will not be able to accomplish much. Man’s dignity naturally demands financial resources.
The Bible teaches us that money answers all things.
However, that does not mean it should be worshipped! Simply put, money and the management thereof calls for an understanding of its proper function through preparation.
I hope and pray that this update and information on preparation will help you to be more aware of how powerful this word preparation is your daily living and put it into practice for a successful outcome.