A call to the Jonahs

Answer the call of destiny
Pastor Julianna new

I’ve come to realize that many people are born to become people of impact but because of ignorance regarding their worth and value, they become reluctant to leave their comfort zones, finish their education, and get the necessary training in order to go for the challenges towards attaining their goals.
Today I will call them Jonahs.
Jonah is a book in the Bible that everyone must read in order to get spiritual understanding of what life is all about.

He was called and sent on a specific assignment by his Creator, his source, the all-knowing God. He was sent to go to Nineveh, a great city, to preach the gospel because the heart of the people were involved in doing wickedness; but Jonah bluntly refused.
He booked his fare and chose to go in his own direction to avoid the assignment he was sent to do.  Please note he was not successful in his rebellion.  Instead it caused calamity to come on the ship he was on and the innocent people on the ship were afraid and tormented because of Jonah.
He was singled out as the reason for the whirling storm that almost caused the ship and its occupants to be lost at sea.
Jonah was the one responsible for all the calamity that took place on the ship and almost took the lives of many sailors. There is a price to pay when we run away from life’s assignment.
We see today so many of our young people with great potentials, some to become professionals, some to start a big business, some to become great inventors, etc.  Instead, they drop out of school prematurely, get connected to bad influences and do things that would never help them make an impact for good. Some even marry the wrong partner. Some are called to preach the gospel to their generation but instead, spend most of their lives running away from the church and from their calling.

In Jonah’s case, he was swallowed up by a whale as God’s intervention to bring him to his assigned place. God was merciful to give Jonah a second chance. I’ve seen many people who refuse to respond to their second chance and they’re dead today.
It’s not too late to get back on the right path, you are still destined for greatness. Recognize what God has called you to and take every step necessary to get there.
The impact you make in life is to help people of your generation and your assignment will always be for others and not for yourself. So please answer the call of destiny…there are people waiting for you.