Mikey Dangerous talks Juno and Reggae

Mikey Dangerous talks Juno and Reggae

After 12-18-2014 DSsnagging an award in 2008 for Best Reggae Recording,  Montreal’s reggae sensation Mikey Dangerous has secured another Juno  nomination for his mega hit Wake Up in the  Reggae Recording of the Year category.

Community Contact caught up with him for a quick sit-down on this commendable  achievement.

1. Where and when did you receive the news that you were nominated for your second juno ?

They called my management to be present at the Press conference in Toronto but I was actually at the Juno press conference when I heard it officially!

2. How did you feel second time around?

It felt amazing, as to confirmation that the first time was real yuh zimmi, but feeling very humbled at the same time!   It would be nice to win a 2nd time but the 2nd nomination is a win in itself.

3. What do these awards mean to you as an artist?

To me it means validity of the hard work I put in and it feels very good to be recognized for that, fi real!

4. Did the first win change your outlook on the industry?

In some way yes, but then the work continues. I think it more changed the outlook that the industry has on me.

5. Were you immediately treated differently after earning the trophy in 2008?

I would say I was perceived now as a credible artist in the music industry, finally.  That gave me more opportunities, and more exposure.

6. Seven years later what changed most about your career?

Career wise everything… cause as simple as it may seem the Juno made me a part of Canadian Music history.

7. What will a second mean to you?

More confirmation that I must be doing something right, and for sure crazy, crazy motivation…another level.

8. Your opinion on the Canadian reggae scene?

Canadian Reggae good man and getting better every single day, so we have to send much respect to all the people who are supporting the Canadian Reggae scene and helping it grow.   Right now, Canadian Reggae gone worldwide.  Everything just ah take time so the work is on.

9. How much weight does winning our version of the Grammy’s carry internationally?

For those who have knowledge of what the Juno is, they are pretty impressed and sometimes even surprised because being chosen as the one is no easy feat… and for those that don’t know, at least they know that I’m one of the top artists coming out of Canada.

10. How do your family, friends and peers react to your success?

Very supportive, ah mi a dem artist….so a just love!  

 11. We see many rifts and conflicts between artists and Management, describe your relationship with MBoss records/MB Music + Artist Management?


12. Social media has exploded over the last decade how has this benefited you over previous outlets of marketing?

In so much ways!  Social media has allowed me to build a presence all over the world, and therefore I’ve been able to build a great fan base making me and my music more accessible to everyone, everywhere!

13. What do you think has been your driving force to your longevity and remaining relevant?

I think it’s my natural love for music that somehow never waned! Proves love conquers all … yuh see it…And not compromising on the quality of material that we put out – making timeless music!

14. Advice to artists that aspire to achieve what you have?

The first thing I’d say you have to love what you do, then you’ll do it regardless of the obstacles and just keep on working hard to achieve your goals.  Perseverance and HARD WORK!

15. What obstacles do you feel you’ve yet to overcome that you need to?

Getting this far I’ve had to conquer a lot of obstacles so I would say whatever is next I’m ready and prepared, no giving up here!

16. Interests outside making music?

Football (soccer) and I would love to do some acting if the opportunity presents itself.

17. If it all came to an end today what could you see yourself doing other than music?

Seriously, I never thought about that…music is what I know but if that day should come I’m ready for whatever.

18. Your Juno nominated Wake Up is an honest commentary on current society, do you feel obligated to enlighten your audience?

I’m obligated to speak the truth in my music and if that’s what you seek as I, then you should be enlightened in some way. I’m on a mission Jah works      

 19. Where in your house do you keep your first Juno?

Lol!!! It’s at my father’s house safe and sound.

20. February is Black History Month and in reggae world referred to as Marley Month, name 5 of your heroes

My mom and dad first.. without them I wouldn’t be here, Marcus Garvey, Paul Bogle, and Nanny the Maroon

21. Goals for 2015?

With Jah guidance and protection, more quality music, some good collaborations, and straight touring both home and internationally.   Success is paramount right now.

 22. Last words for your fans and supporters?

Much love and respect, thanks for your support! I take nothing for granted because I didn’t get where I am by myself but with the support of you the fans, bless!