West Can Children’s Recital on June 20

West Can Children’s Recital on June 20

As readers already know, my theme for 2021 is Gratitude and Appreciation.

My promise also is to highlight more local content because the past year has been much of a struggle and an eye-opener because of the abundance of obstacles we face.
I believe struggles can only end when the gratitude begins.
Let’s shed light and gratitude on West-Can Folk Performing Company.

The Company specializes in Afro-Caribbean dance and drumming and their highly trained instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in Caribbean folk performing arts.
It also provides members with the unique experience of showcasing that cultural treasure to other Montrealers.

These days West Can has been expanding its cultural horizons to include Haitian folklore and traditional African dance styles.
On June 20, a day that has been reserved for Kiddies Carnival in non-pandemic times, the group, will be staging a virtual event, “West Can Children’s Recital” to showcase what their junior members have learnt over the past year.

West Can instructors have been offering drum and dance classes virtually to the children from last October to May 2021 mostly because they wanted to maintain a sense of normalcy for the children, given the situation with Covid-19.
The upcoming recital will showcase what the children have learned and will be their version of Kiddies carnival.

Audiences will get to enjoy traditional carnival characters such as Fancy Sailors, Burokeets and Jabmolassies as well as vibrant Caribbean drumming rhythms and much more.
The children have worked very hard despite the challenges they faced during the pandemic and they’re anxious to show what they have accomplished.
West Can is asking for community support as they work with the younger generation to preserve our Caribbean culture.

The recital will be available on our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/westcanfolk June 20th, 2021 at 3pm EST For information on registration for our next session of children’s classes email westcanfolk@gmail.com