Some readers might be trying to figure out the title of this discourse… if I’m part of some surreptitious anti-police outfit.

Nothing of the kind; in fact nothing sinister on my part. It’s just the continual flow of video images being unearthed as it were, of Black people, especially Black males, being abused by those who pledge to “Protect and Serve” all of the peo-ple, remain troublesome to watch.

’m living, seeing and thinking. So it’s simply a case of me reacting to what is a daily onslaught of food for thought that continue to affect me in one way or an-other and is too galling to simply whistle by as each day unfolds. It’s about what we’re up against everyday in one way or another, so it’s a case of literally push-ing back, out of necessity as it were, for all that life’s worth so far.

Choose, and manage, your method(s), whatever legal or other means are at your disposal, to address whatever you perceive to be socially or otherwise acts of in-justice being perpetrated, using every legal means at your disposal… to push

Nothing sinister on my part. It’s just the continual flow of video images being un-earth (and released) as it were, of Black people, especially Black males, being abused by those uniformed people (gender notwithstanding) who pledge to “Pro-tect and Serve” all of the people.

So, nothing sinister on my part; it’s just that continual flow of “bad news” videos being unearthed… coming out of the cracks of that black-blue wall as it were, of people policing Black people, especially Black males being abused by those who pledge to “Protect and Serve.”

There’s no end to the dubious flow of evidence of police abuse of Black people… Black men. And it matters little where, on which side of the international border we happen to straddle, these egregious acts of inhumanity are perpetrated. I al-ways see black and blue, and invariably red… followed by another funeral in most instances.
So as I’m watching the news this past Wednesday night, May 18, on CNN, another video emerged of a gang of white Louisiana State Police manhandling, marauding another Black man. The incident took place back in 2019, but the incident was just made public. Again, thank God for police body cams.
I now understand what my long deceased grandmother used to say: “Whatever happens in the dark will come to light.”

At the time, being a very religious woman, she was coming from a spiritual stand-point, not even those old school back-in-the day black-and-white cameras.
And she wasn’t thinking police body cams either. Technology?
That video is simply exposing police and their bad, inhumane practices… in deal-ing with Black people.

Another example of America’s (could well be Canada’s rooted, racist past, which police and their racist cohorts thought would “never see the light of day,” to use the old term).
The age of technology. “What happened in the dark coming to light?”
As far as our Canadian police go, especially in this age of enlightenment where cell phones are ubiquitous, and anyone with the means has access to one, time will tell how they continue to practice their business of policing…
Former RCMP officer Alain Babineau, will hopefully do his part to curtail the po-licing practices of our municipal police as they interact with the city’s so-called “visible minority” “racialized” communities…

Only time will tell.