Vyceroy brings the passion playlist

Vyceroy brings the passion playlist

Montreal’s emerging Gospel star talks about his new album

Rosie Awori (LJI)

‘When it comes to music, I felt a call towards it. I just found that I had a voice in which I could speak into different areas of life and bring a sense of encouragement and build faith and also be a voice of hope,” there’s no denying the passion in Rommell Morrison aka Vycroy’s voice when he speaks about his musical adventure.
The way he sees it, music is not just a career but also a ministry.
“I’ve seen the effects of how the good news of Jesus can impact people’s lives and not just that but I’ve seen I’ve seen countless miracles in my own life to the point where: why wouldn’t I want to share that with the world?” Vyceroy reasoned in a recent interview with the CONTACT.
Born in Philadelphia and raised in Ontario, Vyceroy says he became a Christian at the age of 13. He describes his mission as, “Through the beauty of music and preaching the Gospel we will shed light on lies of the enemy and sow seeds of truth. By faith signs and wonders will follow us and the gates of hell will not prevail.”
The young Montrealer has been on a consistent grind across the gospel circuit. His new album, the Passion Playlist is a body of work packed with music meant to uplift and offer hope.
“I was just thinking about the different playlist that people make that are filled with all different sorts of music, different styles, and flows, and the one thing that unites different people and the different songs that could be playing on a playlist is passion,” Vycroy explains his rationale in choosing the title of the album.
“Some people may find themselves listening to very different genres and the main reason is that the person executing the music did it with a certain level of passion. And that stood out for me, I love many different styles of music I love different flows I love different stories and I just thought about the one thing that does come through no matter what style no matter what genre one incorporates it’s the passion that captures an audience.”
Passion playlist has songs such as; Champions Song, Ride or Die, Back Roads as well as a feature from Laura Hastings a well-known Montreal vocalist. He has been using social media as a marketing tool to promote the album.
Additionally, he partnered with Compassion, an organization that works with churches in 25 countries to end poverty in the lives of children and their families. Through the COVID-19 fund, Compassion is seeking to help restore what COVID-19 has destroyed through the urgent provision of basic needs such as:

• Food kits with rice, eggs, meat, milk, and non-perishables
• Medical care
• Housing support like rent relief
• Hygiene supplies like sanitizer, soap, vitamins and supplements, household cleaning supplies, and protective masks.

More information on Compassion and the Passion Playlist can be found on Vyceroy’s website at https://www.vycroynation.com