This Valentine’s… Loyalty is worth celebrating

Pastor Julianna new
There is so much corruption in the world today. Men and women are betraying each other, power struggles are visible everywhere, in fact everywhere you turn people are looking for power, promotions and prestige. I’ve looked around and noticed that loyalty is missing among families, churches, friends, companies, both great and small. Loyalty has become costly and priceless.
We need to become loyal once again to pass on the priceless gifts to our families and most of all to the generations to come. We are living in times where people have no knowledge of what it means to be loyal whether it be to their wives, husbands, friends, companies, families, or even towards their nation.
Patriotism is almost a thing of the past because no one seems to pledge true allegiance to anyone because their loyalty has too many strings attached.
To be loyal to someone means you cannot be loyal to everyone. For example, my loyalty to my husband means that I can lose disloyal friends who may view loyalty as old-fashioned. This also means that loyalty comes with ranks. So, I may be loyal to my friend but my loyalty towards my husband is greater and my loyalty to my God is even greater than what I hold for my spouse because it is another rank higher.
If my loyalty to a lower rank relationship comes into conflict with a higher ranked relationship… well the higher ranked relationship take precedence. Therefore, my loyalty to Christ has meant that I cannot maintain some of my old friendships. Some friends and families can no longer flow with you when they find out you’re loyalty towards others.
Loyalty is a godly principle because our God has promised to be loyal to us even unto the end. Our God is faithful and we should aim to be more like him. To be honorable, faithful, committed and true.
We are seeing divorce on the increase because of disloyalty. People will say they agree to marital vows but when the going gets rough or they get hurt they chose to abandon ship…Or people will sign a contract to work for a company and betray the employer’s trust without hesitation. That is not loyalty my friends. Unfortunately, we are even seeing pastors who promise to be loyal to their congregation and to God and the next thing you know, the  same pastor is back into the world lying, stealing and  cheating . That is not loyalty either.
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines loyalty as “having or showing complete and constant support for someone or something. It is an unswerving allegiance. To be loyal is to be devoted, dedicated, and constant.”
Disloyalty is deadly to those who engage in it. When it gets on the inside of you, it can destroy your whole life just like water getting into a boat can sink it. The Bible instructs us in Ecclesiastes 5:5 It is better not to make a vow than to make one and not fulfill it. Then in Numbers 30:2 it warns us saying, when a man makes a vow to the LORD or takes an oath to obligate himself by a pledge, he must not break his word but must do everything he said.
Let the word of God be your standard for living. It is so rewarding to be honest, patient, generous and kind.
My beloved readers avoid the stress of being disloyal. Be willing to put away that bad habit of disloyalty and betrayal. It seems great lovers will celebrate with passion for a year but come valentine’s next year there is a new lover in the picture. Genuine love is not like this. Real love is loyal to the end. There is a call for you this year 2015 to be loyal again.
Happy Valentines my loyal ones.