There’s a way to do it

Do you want to make money…

Money said, “Let me Bob White newtell you about the Golden Rule. Whoever has the gold makes the rules. All the information one needs to live a good life is in Community Contact. Do you want to make money? Just keep reading Community Contact. It’s there, for free. And this is a problem. The publisher should charge a fee. Knowledge should be sold and not told.”
Welfare Wesley asked Dropout why do they call a hamburger a hamburger when there is no ham in it? I could understand it if there was ham in it.
Welfare Wesley said, “If you don’t like Montreal, leave. A lot of Blacks do not like Montreal, so what they do is get a good education, figure out the “system” and work within the “system.”
Dropout said, “Have you heard the joke about the elevator, he said he “felt sick, someone asked him “how do you know? The elevator said, “I’m coming down with something.”
The regulars in the barbershop booed.
Money said to Schoolboy, and I want everyone else to listen to me, because none of you have anything: no social skills, money, or friends with money. I’m going to teach you something.
“Since you have no clothes, all you have to do is call a synagogue, tell them who you are and you have no clothing, I would appreciate if you could call me when you have my size. I will come over there to work for free. I will give you free labor, for some clothing. The answer will be “we will call you as soon as your size comes up. And if they don’t call you in a few months, just call them back. They will tell their friends, Nebach (translated, this means “it’s a pity”).
Once they give you your clothing, they will tell you Troq gezunterhait! This means, “wear it in good health!
If you didn’t get a chance to attend university, that’s okay, go to a library and find out what companies donate to these universities, when you find out, get a note book, find a subject that you like, find out what room in the university the subject is being taught, walk in just before the class is about to start.
Take a seat in the back of the room. If security comes in to bother you, just tell either of them, “my company donates a lot to this university. I’m curious to see where our money went.” If they ask you “what company?” tell them it’s confidential. If they press you, give them the name of a company that you found at the library. Then ask them for their name. You have nice clothes, you speak low nine out of ten times, nobody will bother you or just tell them “I will be coming here as a guest lecturer. Always speak soft, and look straight into their eyes, like they must be crazy, even approaching you to ask such a question.
Once you find a subject that you really like, if you don’t have a job, get a job, save your money, enroll in a continuing education class, graduate, then submit your CV to cruise ship companies and travel the world for free.
Lecture once a day on a cruise ship about the subject area you graduated in at university. This is how you beat the “system” for free cruises around the world.
Most cruise companies will hire anyone if they don’t ask for a salary, and you tell them that you are qualified to lecture for 90 minutes everyday on a certain subject. All you want to do is allow them to bring your wife or girlfriend.
Crystal says learn a little Yiddish, it will help you as you move along in business. Nothing will ever change. As they change they stay the same. It’s different people doing the same thing. Just get a thorough education. Education is your passport around the world.
Absolutely put up his hand to tell Crystal Clear to turn off Dr. Oz.
He said, “Listen to me carefully. There is a new filmmaker on the scene, his name is Justin Simon; he’s out of Los Angeles. He entered a movie in the Sundance Film Festival and made an impact. It’s opening up across North America, when it’s coming to Montreal, I don’t know. I heard Justin Simon being interviewed the other night on Satellite radio. He’s a Black person. The movie title is “Dear White People.” Spike Lee’s big hit movie was “Do The Right Thing,” Justin Simon is “Dear White People.”

The interviewer was asked to “tell me something that moviegoers will expect when they go to see the movie.”
Justin Simon said, “They will find out when a White person says ‘some of my best friends are Black’ and they only have ONE Black friend that they know. Nowadays it helps for White people to get two Black friends before they say, “some of my best friends are Black.”
If and when this movie “Dear White People” comes to Montreal, the Ways and Means Committee will go and see it and give you the review. So far, from what I heard, it’s a thumb’s up. How bad can the movie be when its called “Dear White People.”
Professor said, “you have to ask yourself, why a title like “Dear White People,” then you ask yourself, self, why a title like “Do The Right Thing?”

Money said, “I want everybody to listen to me carefully, I won’t repeat it again. The authorities say they knew all about icon, Bill Cosby a long, long time ago. If they did, and that’s when he was at the pinnacle of his career, it’s reported he made $4 hundred million dollars in his career, my question is, why did the authorities wait until he was 77-years-old, and his career is almost over?
Bill Cosby will not be having a happy Christmas this year.
There was an “Amen” in the barbershop.
PoBoy said, “Bill Cosby cannot come out of his house, he has to move to Asia.”
“Genius” said, “Listen to me closely, if you read the only English daily, Gazette Nov. 18, 2014 court orders demolition despite borough objection. Benoit Dorais said of the boarded-up building, which dated back to 1891 and which became the home of the Negro Community Centre in 1995. These aren’t people who just found out they have a heritage building.
Fact, the NCC is a heritage building. If the building collapses, it is supposed to be repaired. Why? Because it is a heritage building. What happened to the NCC will never happen to any other ethnic group in Quebec.
Dropout said, “Ya, ya, I hear the problem. What would you have done? It’s easy. Refuse to issue a permit to anyone to demolish the building, that order comes from “those” people at the City Hall. Remember, it’s a heritage building. So, you know what “they” think about the 185,000 Afro Canadians in Montreal.
What’s insane is if someone from the City Hall comes to the office and takes a photo with the same people that issued the permit to demolish a piece of history, a heritage building.
Some guy said in the article by Kamila Hinkson (Nov. 20, 2014 Shame: The NCC is Down and Out for Good) said, “The most important collective responsibility is that the community remembers it and recalls it an passes it down to our children.”
Now what is this guy talking about. Where was this guy in 1989? Is he for real? Or does he want to get his name in a newspaper, smoke in bed? Nobody ever mentions July 13, 1954 when 12 children drowned on a camping trip, all member of the Negro Community Centre. Nobody talks about piano great Milton Sealey. Again, where was this guy in 1989 when the NCC closed?
If you need a Christmas basket or a turkey for your family for the holidays, again you call, text or write a service group in operation for 38 years.
The Westend Sports Association has been providing Christmas baskets and turkeys to families in the lower-income areas around Montreal for that long. They get support from the Ongeshtopt, very wealthy. Because there are a few regulars on the Ways and Means Committee that they remember in di alteh qutehtseiten! In the good old days!
When that person said in Community Contact Sept. 19, 2013 “I don’t think the community gives a s##t. That was not true. It’s the community that supports all the churches that Blacks attend all the beauty salons and dances, and parties. And the smiles that you see on the Children’s faces and adults when they receive their Christmas baskets and turkeys, and toys from the West End Sports Association
Me personally said ‘I know a lot of people do not observe the Christmas holidays, they have their reasons, live and let live, but me personally, I love the Christmas holidays, again, the spirit of giving and kindness, it brings strangers together, they smile at each other.
Money said, “During the Christmas holidays, you don’t have to have a belief, you do have to believe in anything, but if you got to St. Joseph Oratory during the Christmas holidays, and sit there for a few hours, and think, meditate, when you leave, you will believe in something, what you will believe in. I don’t know, but you will believe in something.
Don’t forget the best nation, is a donation
Remember what Dionne Warwick said, what the world needs now is love.
This the real struggle.