There is a reason for your struggles and your difficulties

IMPACT: Your battle is because of your destiny

I want you to be familiar with the word, destiny.
Every human being was born for a purpose; unfortunately, because of a lack of knowledge many have not been able to fulfill their God-given purpose.
This year, I want you to be aware of your destiny and know that nations, churches, schools, and communities all have destinies and your warfare is determined by what you are carrying.
Your destiny cannot be seen in the natural because it is an unseen reality.
Your dreams, visions and aspirations are important because they are most often linked to your destiny. Because of our individual destinies, there are many struggles that we go through personally.
Some destinies are unique and extraordinary and some require a lot of prayer and intercession.
Please note, all destinies are prescribed by our creator; therefore, God must be in the equation for a great fulfillment of your destiny.
Today, many parents are hurting because the enemy has snatched away their child and the destiny they carried by means of premature death. They did not know that a destiny-killer is assigned to anyone with a great destiny.
Some people don’t even believe that enemies exist in this life. They can choose to believe that lie, but I believe the word of God, which has stated in John 10:10:  “the devil comes to steal kill and destroy.”
Readers, whether you believe it or not, the devil exists.
My point is that you are born with a destiny to succeed and excel and become great in this life. You have a part to play to help see your destiny manifested.
In the Bible, there is a story about Jacob, a father with many sons, but one of the sons named Joseph had a unique destiny to become a great prime minister, who was constantly attacked by his older brothers because of his destiny.
Please, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you your purpose and you will begin to understand that there is a reason for your struggles and your difficulties.
Whether these struggles are affecting you academically, financially, medically, or emotionally you must seek God to persevere as Joseph did and align yourself with his will in prayer to reach the appointed time of the manifestation of your destiny.
Some of you are pregnant with your destiny… heavily loaded. This is your year for manifestation.

Pastor Julianna