Summertime: The Easy Season, but we still have issues…

Bob White new
Professor put up his hand and said, “I told you that “they” will not.”
Now it’s Sandra Bland, the late Sandra Bland 25-years-old, the police said that she was depressed and committed suicide in her cell after being arrested?
So for all of those who are looking for hope, you better stop dreaming with your feet off the ground, because if you’re mentally aware of what’s going on in North America, you will understand, why the “system” will only get worse. Just look at Montreal city hall, only one city councilor who is Black among 55, and with 185,000 Blacks in the city.
You don’t have to be an expert in history. Many years ago, W.E. Dubois predicted that the problem facing the 21st century would be the colour problem. Instead of watching Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz find out what’s really on.
In Contact July 23, 2015 Lessons on the BBall court, there was a story on Caylah Cruickshank, who is attending Tulane U. Division I University. Her coach was Trevor Williams at Dawson College. Also, Lisanne Murphy who was a member of Canada’s team that beat the USA in the Pan Am games, played for Trevor Williams at Dawson College.
Professor again raised his hand and said, “Something must have happened to sister Yvonne Sam; she must have gotten a wake up from reading writers Bryan Bishop and Novel Thomas, because in her recent column Real problems (July 23, 2015) she is giving a word to the wise. She has come a long way; the only thing that she does not say is ‘how do you make money?’ So while you are making money, you can hire a financial planner, like Ian Smith says.
All of the Ways and Means Committee Regulars agree that once you figure out how to make money, seek out George Grant, the most powerful Black person in Quebec, also well known for being the Bagel King of Quebec.
And the other conversation was the picnic; everybody was at the picnic; if you were not there then you were a nobody. People came from “down home” (Nova Scotia), Ontario and the USA. The picnic is called the Royal Arthur NCC picnic. It’s getting bigger every year. Yes, there are other good picnics, like the Trini, Jamaica, Barbados, St. Vincent picnics but there is only one picnic called The Picnic.
And if you were not there, you were a nobody.
All kinds of food, good ole home cooking was at The Picnic. A lot of issues of Community Contact, July 9, 2015 issues were on picnic tables. The article facing them in Contact was by Bryan Bishop. “Blacks have always been on the outside.”
Oletymer was talking about Royal Arthur School and Montreal High School on University Street where Raymond Moore went. John “chicken” Ashby was one of the highlights of the picnic, so was Skipper Dean, who was talking about the late singer Amy Winehouse, his example was the great vocalist Dinah Washington.
Skipper Dean said, “Just listen to Amy Winehouse song, Teach me tonight, and listen to Dinah, it’s all Dinah Washington. When you close your eyes and listen to Amy Winehouse, it’s a Black singer you’re listening to for a white audience.”
Now That’s Been Said told Skipper Dean, “Most so-called popular music was influenced by Black music, just read history.”
Dropout put up his hand and said, “Don’t sleep on that picnic in 10000 Islands, it’s a big one.”
Everybody that was at the picnic said, “The official photographer was Penny, the wife of singer Skipper Dean, and the buzz was that Dorrie Moore, the mother of Raymond Moore does not age; she looks as good as ever.
A lot of stories were told at The Picnic.
Just Chillin said, “A very popular Montrealer was at The Picnic, he didn’t… did not bring any food. He said, “It’s like bringing sand to a beach,” he eats from everyone else’s table. Then he will ask to borrow a “finksy,” $5, if someone does not know his “game’ and loans him the five dollars. Over a time when you ask him for the five dollars that you loaned him he will get angry with you for asking for the money back, your money that you loaned him. He’s harmless and everybody knows his “game”, because Montreal is a village now, compared to Toronto that just hosted the Pan Am games that cost $2 billion.
Dropout put up his hand again, “At The Picnic, there was a lot of so-called Canadian- made food; at the other picnic on 1000 Islands there was a lot of Island food.”
People were talking about important facts to remember, as you grow older. Like, don’t worry about old age, it doesn’t last that long. “Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day… Teach a person to use the Internet and they won’t know you for weeks, months, maybe years… Death is a number one killer in the world….”
Downtown Don would like that one.
And good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.
There was an “Amen” from the Ways and Means Committee.
Downtown Don was talking with a Regular of the Ways and Means Committee about loyalty.
Johnny said, “This federal election will cost $750 million. The lights for the party for the Jacques Cartier Bridge will cost 39.5 million.”
“Somebody has some money,” said Johnny.
Everybody said, “Amen.”
Hampstead Harry came into the barbershop and started talking: “My wife told me a homeless guy approached her and said, “Lady, I haven’t eaten in three days, my wife told him, “Force yourself.”
Then Hampstead Harry said, “I have a cousin in Florida, he told me that he went to the doctor, a few weeks later the doctor called him and said, “your check came back.” My cousin answered, “So did my arthritis.”
Another story, a doctor gave a man six months to live. The man couldn’t pay his bill, so the doctor game him another six months.
One of the Regulars of the Ways and Means Committee said that he read the last issue of Community Contact (August 6, 2015) the article about Liberal candidate Marc Miller; he has an office across the street from the Corona Theatre on Notre-Dame Street, West.
He said that he went into his office to meet him; his operations manager Liz Montgomery introduced him to Marc Miller.
Oletymer put up his hand and said, “If Richard Lord was around, and he would give you every reason to vote Liberal for Justin Trudeau and Marc Miller. Everybody knows that Richard Lord was a personal fiend of Pierre Elliott Trudeau.”
Again, if you saw the debate on TV, the Prime Minister admitted that the country, Canada, is in a recession. If there were no debate we would not know from the Prime Minister that Canada is in a recession because he never said it prior to the debate on TV. Why? Richard Lord would tell us, here’s another reason to vote liberal, because the Prime Minister had eight years. Now it’s time for a change.”
There was an “Amen” from everybody.
Now That’s Been Said put up his hand and said, “Listen to me closely, this goes for you Oletymer and Bigmouth.”
I attended the 53rd anniversary of Jamaican Independence celebration at the Union United Church. It was organized by George Grant. He did it again. It was a first-class event. Everybody that was important was there after the service. And it was packed, everybody left the church and usually they stand on the steps and talk about what they read in the last issue of Community Contact, but this time Dr. Alwyn Spence who impressed everyone with his knowledge of vocalist Gladys Knight, also the way he conducted the sermon.
It looks like the Union United Church found a minister, unless Rev. Darryl Gray returns, and this will never happen. Liberal candidate Marc Miller was in attendance. How could you not like Marc Miller when he enjoys singer Gladys Knight, Dinah Washington, and Sam Cooke. You have to remember it was the Liberal Government that appointed Ann Cools to the Senate, Marlene Jennings in NDG-Cote-des-Neiges (14 years). A guy represented a downtown riding; he was in the opposition and did nothing. That’s why the Regulars in the barbershop, beauty salons want a change, and the change is Marc Miller. If he doesn’t do simple change, it’s obvious that “we” will find someone else, but we doubt it. Why? They don’t own it.