Romans 8 tells us that there are two kinds of minds

One is the natural way of thinking and the other is a spiritual way of thinking.
If we have a spiritual revelation of the power of our minds we would move from zero to hero.
You can teach your mind to work for you.
Learn to change the dial in your mind from negative to positive.
Thoughts come from your mind, but unfortunately some minds are polluted with negative thoughts.
God has given us a responsibility to train our minds, change our minds, renew our minds and  forgive those who have been controlling our minds for years.
Take some time to really clear your mind of all the guilt, condemnation, pollution and wickedness that have been stored there for years.
Your mind is for dreams and visions.
Your mind is for enlargement and creativity.
Invest some time to educate yourself in order to accommodate and realize the greatness in you.
Some of you have great dreams and visions to be fulfilled. Now is your time and season.
I want you to know that God works with one man at a time. I read my Bible and I am motivated at how he used Queen Esther to change the evil report against the Jewish people, now many in today’s society are named Esther because of the impact she had on her generation.
Now even more relatable, let’s now look at former president Barack Obama, one man with a sound, focussed mind.
What an impact he made during his two terms in office.
I want you to pay attention to your mind. Invest in repairing your mind; it may need some good housekeeping.
Please note that the devil is after our minds. Watch the friends you are connected with and their involvement in your life. Make sure your spouse celebrates you and shares your dreams and visions, so that together you can aim for the same direction.
Do a little investigation about intimate relationships because there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing. Pray for your mind on a daily basis. Your mind is constant; if you lose it, it will cost you much. So do as much as you can to keep your mind and maintain good mental health.
You need your mind to function professionally, socially, to make decisions and to complete both simple and complex tasks. Many are born to be lawyers, doctors, pastors, teachers, prophets, businessmen and women.