Renewing your mind to make an impact

Your mind has wondrous potential and is created to produce greatness.

Pastor Julianna new
Pay attention to your mind and imagination because the state of your mind determines the state of your life.
It is written, “as a man thinks so is he…” (Proverbs 23:7).
We need to define the purpose for our minds. The Word of God has begged us throughout scripture to work on renewing our mind (Ephesians 4:23). The word of God is available to renovate our thinking and our  thoughts to ultimately transform our behavior to be “Christ-like.”
What you feed your mind is what will influence your behavior because it all starts in the mind. When you refuse to comply with this spiritual instruction you can lose your mind and as a result, lose your way in life.
God knows that if your mind is left unattended it could become dangerous to your health. We are seeing many people today with a “sick” mind; some being double minded and some being mentally deranged.
Seek God’s order and peace to govern your mind to prevent mind disorder.  Some minds are full of un-forgiveness and bitterness and hatred that inevitably causes us to have poisonous feelings against innocent people, places, circumstances and situations.
Your mind is more powerful than you think and you cannot afford to let your mind do its own thing or else it will lead you to a life of destruction. As you shape, discipline and train your body, you need to also shape and discipline your mind.
Do you not know that your mind can become so stubborn and rebellious to the point where no one, on this planet earth, could change your mind from what you have decided to do or where you have decided to go?  Some people would even prefer die then change their mind.
Psych wards and mental institutions deal and specialized with the mind. Mental illness has become an epidemic since the turn of the century and there is now a shortage of doctors to deal with this crisis.

I want you to know that Satan only wants to use the minds of men as his playground in order to deceive and oppress people into alternate lifestyles. Everything starts in the mind because as a man thinks so is that man.
The enemy of your soul seeks to depress you and afflict you by gaining access to your mind. Even addictions start in the mind. Romans 12: 1-2, from God’s Word, is written to help us think right; so that we can live life with a sound and healthy mind.
You have to take the time to renew or reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind with the living word of God and be healed in your body, your soul (mind, will & emotions) and spirit.
The Word of God can bring healing to your heart and as your heart is healed your mind can be set free and if you are free and at peace it will show in your character and behavior. What you think and believe will show on the outside.
Do you know that you will move in the direction of your thoughts and beliefs. Even your decisions are based on them.
I am encouraging you to guard your mind with the Word of God and start thinking good about yourself. Start thinking about how highly valuable you are, how great your worth is, how much you are loved by your heavenly Father and how he, God, has created you to impact your generation. Anything that will tell you to think or feel otherwise is a lie and deception from the accuser of your soul (Satan) do not believe in his lies but trust the truth in God’s Word. Have a desire to pray for your mind and seek divine protection against any negative projection against your mind.
Your mind has wondrous potential and is created to produce greatness. All the books you read are essentially thoughts and theories that come from the minds of men.
Look at all the modern inventions, the buildings and the architectural masterpieces of our time, all produced by thinkers putting their minds to good use.
Everything we are doing in this life or want to do starts in the mind of human beings. The artists, designers, and scientists etc. are all great thinkers. You can also become a great thinker when you take your mind beyond your feelings and put your mind to work for positive gain. The great minds of our generation are recorded in history for their contributions to society. Even amidst families, great thinkers are remembered and revered for their influence. What about your mind? Let it be counted too.

Declare over your life that your mind is spiritually alert and focused and that you have the imagination and the mind of Christ.