Reality Check: The mundane and serious

Bob White new
Actually was talking about Jah Cutta and the Determination Band at the Montreal International Reggae Festival, and Oh My God put up his hand and said “Gerald Alston of the group, The Manhattans was talking with someone who said he always loved coming to Montreal to sing.”
He saw some old friends that he remembers from the days when he used to come to
The Esquire Show Bar. Yes, he remembers the Union United Church. He said the members of the church and friends of the church when they look at their children and grandchildren should remember one of his hit songs “You Are My Shining Star. And the young people should tell each other when they want to separate, remember our big hit,
“Let’s Just Kiss And Say Goodbye.”
Because of the vast knowledge of Rhythm and Blues music that Dr. Alwin Spence possesses, if he had help around him, or if the church was organized they could have reached out to Gerald Alston of the Manhattans and ask him to attend Union United church on that Sunday (the group performed) and offer up two songs: “You Saw Me Crying In The Chapel and
“The Lord’s Prayer.”
Oletymer said, “Gerald Alston would have said, “Thank you for inviting Me, or us, The Manhattans” and he would’ve said, “When Little Richard comes to Montreal he always attends a church in LaSalle.”
Just Chillin said, “I was at the Union United church for the 53rd anniversary of Jamaica Independence celebration put on by Mr. George Grant, Honorary Consul for Jamaica in Quebec. Someone should tell the board of the church they should have a dress code. I don’t care who you are–the youth of the church should wear a suit with a tie. Remember, Union United church is a church. Maybe the board or minister thinks, or believes, if there’s a dress code the people will stop coming and go to another church.
Remember, Montreal has about 185 thousand Black people to choose from, so it should not be difficult to find members to support a historic church like the Union United.
Once they get a broom and sweep out the […] you got the answer. If I didn’t explain myself well enough, go to St. Mary’s Hospital, look for Joe and Yvonne, they will tell you if smoking is good for you or stop  by Mount Sinai Hospital and talk with the experts about Respiratory  Care.
Money put up his hand and said, “You should not talk bad about cigarettes, nobody forced people to smoke. The world famous Duke University us names are Doris Duke, the tobacco billionaire. Yes we know cigarettes are no good, it’s the worst addiction, it’s harder to stop than heroin. But if you own stocks in Tabasco and soft drinks and cigars, you’re in good shape financially, no matter how bad things get in life. Your stocks will always pay your bills.
Then Money said, “After attending the 53rd anniversary of Jamaica Independence celebration at the historic Union United Church and listening to remarks by Mr. George Grant, Honorary Consul for Jamaica in Quebec, and a message from the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Her Excellency Janice Miller, High Commissioner for Jamaica to Canada, the special presentation by Dr. Oliver Jones and the sermon by Dr. Alwin Spence, maybe both of them (Dr. Oliver and Dr. Alwin) would know the second bestselling book in the Western World, The Wizard Of Oz. But do
they also know who made the movie? We know Judy Garland did one version But Diana Ross, Nipsey Russell, and Michael did the other version Jackson and Richard Pryor. It was called the Wiz.
Just Chilin said, “I knew Diana Ross one was one of the stars of the Wiz along with Michael Jackson and Richard Pryor.
Professor asked Money, “When are you going to stop?”
Money said, “Stop what, I’m just getting started. I have something to say information should be sold, not told. I’m giving it to you for free, if you want to listen not hear.” Professor said, “Ok. Talk, but make it good or we will turn on the TV and watch Dr. Oz.”
Money said, “Everybody has an opinion but facts are facts.”
Welfare Wesley said, “Get to the point.”
Money said, “I’m reading MacLean’s magazine, April 27, 2015, “America’s Most Armed and Dangerous.”
“Walter Scott, a retired Coast Guard sailor was stopped by the police in North Charleston, S.C. for a broken tail light, and he was dead moments later. He was shot in the back. One more name, one more civilian killed by “American Exceptionalism.”
Estimates of the number of legal and illegal guns in circulation run up to 310 million. This provides almost one gun for every man, woman and child.”
Just Chillin said, “What kind of human being are you when you shoot an unarmed person, a Black person, in the back and all he was stopped for was a broken taillight, Walter Scott was dead moments later. Again, what kind of human being are you, just because you have a gun and a badge, you’re white and the person you’re shooting to kill is Black?”
“Another factor is that America remains one of the most racially-divided countries in the world. Last year the Public Religion Research Institute released a study showing that the average white American has 91 times more white friends than Black ones. In fact, three quarters of whites don’t even have one Black friend. This racial divide has real consequences. For most white cops, their references for understanding Black Americans must come from second hand sources or popular media. In other words, from rumours and rap songs. MacLean’s magazine.”
Google the whole story, when you do you will see there is a small town in Florida called Sweet Water with a population of 13,000. Yet the local police force has its own SWAT team, a mine-resistant armoured vehicle, a “commando” armoured vehicle, a “commando” armoured car, four light attack helicopters, 20 M16 machine guns and a grenade launcher. These weapons were never designed to “serve and protect,” they are only suited for killing and conquering.
I’m not finished yet, I won’t be too long. Now the myth of heroism? (MacLean’s April 27, 2015). In spite of all the guns, being a policeman in America is usually a relatively safe profession. Loggers, roofers, carpenters, farmers, construction workers and labourers, even garbage men, are far more likely to be killed on the job. But when they die in the service of the community, there are no television funerals, no flag-draped coffins.
Everybody in the barbershop agree that the article was worth a listen.
Cash Money said “One hour, only one hour, that’s how long it took for Apple to sell out the luxury gold watch at only $20,000 in China. The average salary in China is around $4,000. That’s right, $4,000 a year.
Dropout put up his hand and said, “Genius, I want to ask you a personal question. We all know that Jesus Christ was a Hebrew, so why is his photo on the wall in all of the Catholic Churches?”
Then Dropout said, “If you have to think for an answer, let me say something else. The number one selling book in the Western World is the Bible, in this book there are Ten Commandments and one of them is “Thou shall not kill.” Well someone should tell the city councilor who does not take a stand when the police abuse and kill citizens. Police are supposed to protect and serve. It’s the politicians that pay the police, and the politicians are supposed to represent the person… the people. That’s why we vote for them.
MacLean’s Magazine, April 27, 2015 states, “More than 1,000 killed in 2014 in the USA were killed by the police can all these killings be justified?”
There was an “Amen” from everyone in the barbershop.
That said, put up his and said, “The spectrum of love has many ingredients. Patience, kindness, generosity, humility, courtesy, good temper, sincerity. Now, name me a city councilor with any of the qualities. Nobody answered, and I’ve seen a lot of them,” said the Genius.
“Me too,” said Oletymer.
Professor put up his hand and said, “There, she did it again. Yvonne Sam, A Word to the Wise, did it again in August 20, 2015. She stated in her well-written column, “People wonder why so many dollars are spent outside our Black neighbourhoods.”
We all love Yvonne Sam in the barbershop, but we cannot accept her as a Regular of the Ways and Means Committee. She could be an honorary member; she likes corporal punishment for kids. We will forgive her but we will not forget what she wrote.
Remember what the white reporter asked Doug Williams the quarterback who is Black, who won the Super Bowl for the Washington Redskins football team?
The reporter said to Doug, “Congratulations for winning the Super Bowl, Doug, how long have you been a Black quarterback?” This actually happened.
Read the book by Michael Moore, Regan Books. “Stupid White Men.”
The late Ian Mac Donald was not a stupid white man. For years his doctor was a Black man, and he would tell anyone that years ago Dr. Keith Matthews saved his life. Not only that, “he is a great doctor, a Urologist.”
May Ian MacDonald Rest In Peace.