PROTECT your hair this summer

PROTECT your hair this summer

In Montreal, I noticed many hairstylists either lacked proper knowledge on how to care for textured hair or provided misinformation, leading to damage. This situation deeply concerned me. In the Black community, hair is of immense importance. A single strand out of place can affect our confidence. Seeing our own community not emphasizing essential hair care practices motivated me to create change.

My goal with these articles is to educate you on the importance of understanding your hair and its needs, both in and out of the salon. While it’s nice to have someone else style your hair, finding a trustworthy stylist can be challenging.
With summer here, let’s kick off this series with some essential summer hair care tips. Many of you will be spending more time outdoors, especially with carnival coming up, so let’s ensure your hair remains protected and healthy.

Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Did you know your hair needs protection from the sun, just like your skin? In the past, we might have enjoyed the “natural highlights” from sun exposure, but these highlights can be more damaging than beneficial.

How the Sun Affects Your Hair

UV rays break down the proteins in our hair, weakening it over time. UVB radiation damages hair proteins, while UVA radiation can alter hair color. Prolonged exposure can leave your hair brittle, prone to breakage, and looking dull and dry. Additionally, your scalp is susceptible to sunburn, making protection essential.

Tips for Protecting Your Hair

1. Wear a Hat: A stylish hat can complement your look while shielding your hair and scalp from harmful UV rays. If hats aren’t your thing, there are other options.

2. Use SPF/Heat Protection for Your Hair: Just as we apply sunscreen to our skin, using hair products with SPF can protect your hair from UV damage. Look for products specifically designed for sun care or UV protection. Heat protection products are not the same, so choose wisely. One of my new favorites is the Ion Sun Care Line.

3. Hydrate Your Hair: Keeping your hair hydrated prevents dryness and brittleness. Incorporate Shea butter and deep conditioners into your routine. Shea butter helps retain moisture, leaving your hair soft, smooth, and resilient.
As we dive into the summer season, remember to keep those crowns beautiful!
Stay tuned for more tips in our upcoming editions.

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