Prime-time Performers for Tribute Evening on September 11

Prime-time Performers for Tribute Evening  on September 11

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Those attending the Montreal Community CONTACT’s evening of Tribute to Community Builders are in for several treats, not the least of which will be the line-up of exciting performers that are on the card to add to the already colorful event.
One of the highlight performances is expected to come from West Can Folk Performing Company, which over the past decade or so has established themselves as the cultural ambassadors of our community when it comes to dance and drumming as a showcase of Afro–Caribbean expressions.
Whenever West Can hits the stage, the magic happens with the effervescence of their colorful costuming and their high energy moves driving the pulsating drums. It’s difficult not to get caught up in the West Can moment.
Those who have experienced the beautiful performances of the African Gospel Choir talk about their lasting imprint on your mind. Their harmonies are exquisite, their rhythms are captivating and their moves thrill, and they are sure to take the evening to new heights.
Acclaimed saxophonist Julian McIntosh is also primed to elevate guests and honorees to the highest high, as he is wont to do at events such as this Tribute evening.  Over the years, McIntosh has established himself as one of the best in this city and is in demand by event organizers from across the spectrum. He will make a special appearance at the Crowne Plaza.
Two steelpan men will also bring the glory of the national instrument of T&T to the forefront of this spectacular evening.
Martin Albino is a veteran and one of the most accomplished proponents of the instrument in the world, and Montrealers will see why on September 11.
Also taking to the stage will be the youngest and certainly one of the most exciting players in North America, Rashiyd Wilson. The grandson of pan great Salah Wilson,
Rashiyd has been playing from childhood and has topped almost every music competition he entered with masterful handling of the different genres of music.
Claire Jean-Charles will be another of the headline performers and comes with a promise of bringing glory to the evening.
With a voice that is as captivating as the call of the wild, Claire thrills audiences with her sensational ability to deliver every note with clarity and sweetness, like drops of honey.
Part of the promise of the evening lies in the exceptional abilities of these performers.
But the opportunity to pay tribute to individuals who have cleared the way for so many Montrealers is just as exciting. Among those to be honored are Juanita Westmoreland Traore, Avice Joseph, Dr. Nii Quao, Dan Philip, Dr. Oliver Jones, Osborne Alleyne, Daniel Dortelus, Thelma Johnson, Ivyline Fleming, Keder Hyppolite, Raymond Ramdas, Celitard Toussaint, Rev. Jim Bennett, Victor Yip Hoi, Me. Maryse Alcindor, Margot Blackman and Noel Alexander.
The Tribute Evening takes place at the Crowne Plaza on Sunday, September 11. From 5:30 PM to 11:30 PM. Tickets: 514-489-4540.