I’m voting Liberal

I must admit that I  have always voted Liberal, except a brief period when I supported the Conservative candidate Hon. Gerry Weiner , who was Minister of Multiculturalism, and whom I knew
very well, even before he became a minister.
This time around I will mark my X for the Liberal Party even though I am yet to meet  the Liberal candidate in my riding. But I will.
Many people are angry because the prime minister called an election in the middle of a pandemic when it was not necessary. One must bear in mind that this is a minority government and what really  determines when an election would be called is plain and simple the possibility of  getting a majority.
It is not  seeking self-power, it is more seeking majority power because it’s not easy
to govern with a minority.
At the same time, Covid-19 or not, the opposition  is looking for an opportunity to bring down the government if it is convinced  it could win and form  the government.
So, it becomes a race to call an election in order to win a majority before the opposition finds a way or a pretext which will end in the overthrow  of the sitting government.
The PM called for an election sensing his party could win a majority. One cannot be absolutely certain this will happen. It is a gamble even though the indicators may point to a win. So do not penalize  the PM
for calling an election, it is to prevent the opposition from forcing him to call one, obviously when it favours a victory for them.
Majority or minority government, the Justin Trudeau’s term of office has been riddled with many problems. Some of these may be attributed to the PM himself but  there were  others over which he had very little control, situations where whatever one does whatever  choice one makes, there is a negative consequence.
Negotiating the free trade agreement with the Trump team was a lose/lose for Canadians.

The arrest and detention by Canada, of the high-profile Chinese citizen Meng Wanzhou,  angered the Chinese government who in response, held two Canadians on trumped up charges.

This has caused the relationship between China and Canada to be very strained. Criticizing human rights in Saudi Arabia, caused the withdrawal of contracts from Canada worth
billions of dollars to Canadian workers.  Should Canada have remained  quiet in order to save those jobs?
The Prime Minister’s silence over Bill 96 and Bill 22 may not be a betrayal of the English minority here in Quebec,
but his own dependence and support of the majority of Francophone voters.
So clearly, at times the choices are not easy to make.
Covid 19 was unexpected but over its duration, the Prime Minister has been determined and very active in helping to minimize the impact of this problem, in spite of its complexities.

The prime minister showed tremendous leadership and at this stage Covid-19 is under reasonable control. He needs a stronger mandate to continue the job and then begin to concentrate on the recovery of the economy and the paying down of the huge debt we have built up over these last two years.
Canadians who are Liberals, hold your heads up high, you do not have to hold your nose to vote. The Party deserves better than that.
However, I am very alarmed at the US-style of protesting being brought to this country. We do not have to copy the Americans.
Our health system is leading the charge, not the government.
They are the experts ,and we all live in a society where  you watch my back and I will watch yours. The refusal to take the vaccine by anyone is selfish because you are being protected by
those who are vaccinated.
Can you, will you return the favour and be vaccinated also. The more of us who get vaccinated the healthier the society.
Our time and energy have been consumed by caring for Covid victims. Other illnesses have been rescheduled several times because of the  priority given to the pandemic. Doctors, nurses and all medical staff are experiencing
burnout. Let us rise to the occasion for the total good of all.
Start by voting on September 20.