New foods

I challenge you to take a big step and approach your meals differently

The biggest fad right nOdessaow is healthy eating. This is one wave I’ll support and promote until my time to move along has come.
One of the popular questions I’m asked as a Naturopath is “What other foods can I eat?” The answer lies in being open to trying new things and giving it more than one chance.
For example, many of us are raised on rice; long grain parboiled rice was our “go to staple” in my mother’s home. My first challenge for you is to try a different type of rice than the normal one you may buy. Most of us are familiar with brown rice; it is rich in proteins, thiamine, calcium, magnesium, fibre, and potassium. For those trying to lose weight or those suffering from diabetes, brown rice can prove to be a healthful staple given its low glycemic rating, which helps reduce insulin spikes.
Another type to try is wild rice, also known as black rice. It is a whole grain that is high in fibre and protein, while low in calories and fat, an excellent combination for weight loss. These new choices can be combined with your regular staples or on their own. In regards to green leafy foods, we can never consume enough! One of my favourite greens is the infamous Bok Choy. A member of the cabbage family, Bok Choy is being recognized more and more often for its standout nutrient richness. These ranked nutrients include omega-3s, as well as the antioxidant mineral zinc. It also contains scavenging free radicals because of its strong beta-carotene content. The best way to consume Bok Choy is to steam or sauté it lightly for a few minutes.
When cooking, veggies should remain crunchy; this is a sign that it has retained the majority of its mineral content. We have a tendency to overcook our greens, waiting until it “looks” cooked and all of its water content is a sauce in the bottom of the pot. This is not what you want; it actually renders your vegetables lifeless and limp. I don’t like limp, lifeless, veggies. Do you?
Have you heard of Arugula? Used in salads, you can mix it with romaine lettuce, spinach, or use it alone. This is another amazing green leafy vegetable you can consider eating more of. With very few calories and tons of flavour, it is a great green to help maintain a healthy weight without sacrificing great tasting foods.
Arugula is a rich source of certain phytochemicals that have been shown to combat cancer-causing elements in the body. It is also a great source of folic acid and Vitamins A, C and K. As one of the best vegetable sources of Vitamin K, Arugula provides a boost for bone and brain health. It also has an array of minerals and high levels of Iron and Copper, making it a good substitute for spinach if you’re paying attention to getting more vegetable-based iron in your diet. Its peppery flavour provides a natural cooling effect on the body. Like other leafy greens, Arugula is also a hydrating food, helping keep your body hydrated.
I challenge you to take a big step and approach your meals differently. Ful-joy!
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