New Attitude

New Attitude

This is your new chapter…

What comes to mind when you think about your attitude?
Did you have a bad attitude in 2020? Be honest! If so, how did that work for you?
The thing about it is 2021 could end up feeling a lot like 2020 and we can’t control that but what we can control is our ATTITUDE.
Have you ever been around people with a bad attitude? How did that make you feel?
Have you been around people with a positive attitude? Do you remember how it felt being around that person?
What do you want people to feel like when they are in your presence, uplifted or beat down?
Winston Churchill famously said: “Attitude is a little thing that can make a big difference.”
So the question is…Do you need an attitude adjustment in ?
When you adjust your attitude, things will begin to change.
It will take an intentional effort, of course, but having a good attitude can change everything going on around you.
It takes a decision to change, an evaluation of the people that you are surrounding yourself with and a change in the way you think about things.
Are you surrounded by constant negativity or are you receiving a steady flow of positive vibes in your life?
You are the master of your attitude.
You have to ask yourself how is your present attitude serving you?
Are people drawn towards you or repelled from you?
Are you the common denominator in most conflicts?
Do you only see the doom and gloom of life or do you attempt to find the rainbow in the storm?
Your answers to these questions will determine your next steps.
Change is possible if you want to change.
Decide that you will begin to release all of the negativity in your life and see what happens!


Having a positive attitude doesn’t mean that everything is always perfect in your life; it just means that you’ve decided to look beyond life’s imperfections and still remain optimistic and hopeful.
Decide that you are going to begin to release your old way of thinking and your negative and toxic attitude and make room for new and positive experiences.
The distance between the person that you are right now and the person that you want to become is separated only by your thoughts, your actions and your words.
You’ve got to change what’s going on inside of you before you can change what’s going on around you.
Make a decision to change your attitude and work at it every day. It won’t happen immediately but you will begin to notice a positive difference in your life.
This is your new chapter…
It’s time to change how you respond to situations that are going on around you.
Remember attitude is everything:
A cheerful heart is good medicineProverbs 17:22

Blessings and peace,

Bev ❤