Music heals depressions. Take in “SOCA IN YUH 514”

Music heals depressions. Take in  “SOCA IN YUH 514”

As we approach the end of the year, there’s no doubt that 2020 has been a tough one.
From the global outbreak of COVID-19 to the number of international and domestic conflicts that have played out since the beginning of 2020, it’s no surprise many people feel as though this year is the worst in their lifetime.
There are also growing concerns about the impact that the second wave of COVID-19 would have on the economy and Canadians’
mental well-being especially if they were forced to go back into social isolation this winter.
However, listening to music is a form of therapy that heals depression, maintain our sanity and provides that much-needed boost. That’s where “SOCA IN
YUH 514″ comes in. The theme is a feature on on Soca Sessions radio program, which started on October 17th, and features Montreal deejays in their glory. The show airs early Saturday mornings (or late Friday nights) from 2:00am –
4:00am on CKUT 90.3FM or website
In previous issue I’ve present the long list of Djs who have been on air over the past two months here’s the list for December.

DJ RedRose

One of Montreal’s premiere Female entertainers, DJ RedRose perfected her mixtape skills while living in Jamaica and immersing herself in the dancehall scene and culture for over six years.
Upon her return to Montreal her passion for DJing flourished.
DJ RedRose is not only a female force in the industry, but a strong supporter of other women in similar fields.
Her growing talent in Mixtapology, made her hungry for more, so she became determined in making her name known in Montreal and her second home in Kingston, Jamaica. DJ RedRose continues to grow her flavor and her international reach not only with her first love: Reggae and Dancehall music, but extending to all different genres of music. Follow her on Instagram – @djredrosemusic.
Dj RedRose one-hour Soca contribution will be aired on CKUT 90.3FM December 5, on Soca Sessions.


Considered to be the people’s Dj , Dj Akin was born of Vincentian
parents and grew up there before migrating in Montreal in 2005.
Introduced to Djing by veteran Dj Recardo who the founder of New Concept Crew in Montreal.
Dj Akin is also the Official Dj for “Top Shelf Famalay”, a promotional and event planning group based in St. Vincent. Follow him on Instagram – @dj.akin . Dj Akin one-hour Soca contribution will be aired on CKUT 90.3FM December 12 on Soca Sessions.

DJ Higher Level

Base in Toronto, DJ Higher Level (aka Randy) is half French Canadian
and half Trinidadian and has been deejaying for over 20 years. This stemmed from watching his father as a DJ and vowed to take the next generation of DJs to a “higher level”. Hence, the creation of his DJ name. DJ Higher Level taught himself how to blend and mix tracks, eventually mastering his craft.
From clubs, private parties, boat cruises and weddings; DJ Higher
Level is known for his versatility and passion for music. He always
aims for perfection which shows every time he touches the DJ set.
Follow him on Instagram – @djhigherlevel.
Dj Higher Level one-hour Soca contribution will be aired on CKUT 90.3FM December 19th on Soca Sessions.

The 14h annual Christmas show Island Riddims on December 25, is still on. Listeners will hear a wide range of Caribbean Xmas music, and allow people and their family to call in and give live greetings to relatives and friends . More info in the next issue.

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