Kayla Allen: More to Her

Kayla Allen: More to Her
Felix Nadeau

Montreal artist Kayla Allen has recently come out with her latest album, More to Her, an R&B and dancehall-influenced project.
An independent artist supported primarily by her father, Kayla has spent the better part of a decade building her music career. Encouraged at a young age to pursue a future in art, her background in vocal training while consistently sharpening her song-writing skills for future records.
She draws from her childhood idols for the making of an album, looking to create a theme in her work.

“Beyonce, I’m obsessed with her, the Rihanna’s of the world you know. I do a mix. Since my background is Jamaican it’s [her music] Caribbeanized but I’m so in tune with R&B sounds, especially the old school [1990s and 2000s].”

Her music is inspired by her life, heartbreaks and family.
Kayla talked about shooting a music video for every ten tracks on the album, a move that Beyonce and Prince originated for their albums in the past. Claiming she wanted to tell a story with a visual component to add a layer of depth to the music.
The music itself doesn’t stray far from today’s electronic instrumentations: drum machines, synths, and samplers are an approach to production that has been the norm since the 80s.
According to Kayla, she has gotten comparisons to Aaliyah when comparing vocal style (in other words, a mellow and soft type of signing).
If you enjoy laid-back party R&B, give Kayla Allen a listen and support a local act.