It will change the way you see life

IMPACT: More about Preparation  

Every human Pastor Julianna newbeing should be aware of the power of preparation.
Builders know that with every big contract, whether to build a tower or a simple structure; they must first come together to sit down and ensure that they are well equipped for the task at hand.
No matter what our goals, visions or purposes, men and women require personal preparation to ensure speedy actualization.
The Bible clearly states that “whatsoever a man soweth, that is the very thing he will also reap.”
Today, we are seeing so many unprepared youth refusing to pursue their education, which will ensure a brighter future.
So many unplanned pregnancies are taking place and as a result this generation is birthing innocent children to grow up suffering in the system of welfare.
The Bible is full of messages about preparation.
The Word of God exhorts us to prepare ourselves because one day we will each die and leave this world, everyone of us that is born of a woman, and meet this fate. Are you prepared to meet your Lord one day?
Whether you believe it or not, Jesus said: “I will go to prepare a place for you. You should never live in this world selfish, friendless and greedy just accumulating things from store to store, traveling, partying and boasting about your wealth.”
I urge readers to take note that one day you will come face to face with death and will have to leave all your commodities and possessions behind.
Preparation is a daily part of life so do not tell me that you do not believe in being prepared.
Every worker must be prepared to go to his job the next day, every government must be prepared for the coming elections, every traveler must be prepared for his flight or journey. Every sick person prepares himself to see a doctor, and every pregnant mother must be prepared to give birth when the time comes. Ultimately, we must all prepare for retirement and old age. This means we must be prepared financially, emotionally, physically and most of all spiritually.
If you are not prepared spiritually and emotionally to meet your creator then tell me when you die and leave this world where would you spend eternity? Is this not good food for thought?
Life is all about personal preparation and planning. If you believe and act on all it entails, it can change your life for the better.