IMPACT: Obedience: Key to Security and Peace

IMPACT: Obedience:   Key to Security and Peace

Pastor Julianna new If we’re going to be men and women of Impact, we have to go back to the old fashion word: obedience. We have to go back to practicing obedience and respect, honor and submission.
I think God needs to get this message to his people once again. He still speaks to his servants, especially those who are loyal to him and ready to listen, obey and follow his instructions.
Please note, God does not speak through a human voice, he speaks to us in our thoughts, mind, mind and heart and through His word.
God is the living word, the written word and the spoken word.
Even today, I still appreciate the way we were brought up as children of my generation. We were taught respect and order of command. Children were expected to respect and obey their elders (in the family) and the father of the house got the highest honor.
You might be saying, I’m old fashioned; but let me tell you, if this were still a practice in today’s families, we would not be seeing so many rebellious young people in today’s society.
Instead, we are seeing and hearing young men and young women cursing their parents, and sometimes the system will help them to destroy their own lives.
In the Bible, there was a young man named Samuel who was raised in a strict environment while under the care and training of Eli, the priest at the time. Samuel was taught respect and obedience. He had an experience with God at a young age that demonstrated his respectful and obedient character.
God called him 3 times and the boy answered each time, running to his mentor Eli (not knowing it was God who had been calling each time).
Due to his young age he kept running back to his Earthly authority because he hadn’t realized the voice of the heavenly authority who had called him. After the repeated appearances of the boy without having been summoned, Eli, his mentor, realized that God had been calling the boy and then instructed him to go back and lie down and when the voice calls again to say, “Speak Lord for thy servant heareth.” This young boy obeyed the instruction of Eli, his mentor, and became one of the greatest prophets of God in the Old Testament. Read it for yourself in 1 Samuel 3:9.
Today, however, we are seeing how young children disobey the voice of their parents to no end. Sometimes, parents will call a child up to 6 times and yet the child would not even respond with a “yes!” In years gone by, our parents only had to call once or twice and we would answer with respect and obedience.
It is impossible for us to grow healthy and balanced without obedience and respect. All these things affect our character and behavior and our interactions with those around us.
For example, to get a job, and keep it, you must be obedient and submissive. Tell me, how can you enjoy the land where you live and have a peaceful lifestyle when you are always fighting those in authority.  In other words, you can never finish your education when teachers are your number one enemies.
Many are attracted to the world of drugs because there are no special qualifications. Illiterates can become kings in one or two months within that network. In fact, the more you prove that you can be rebellious, disrespectful and disobedient, the higher you climb and the faster you die. For some drugs and a little prestige, many of them end up sacrificing their lives.
Please hear the word of the Lord “Obedience is better than sacrifice!”
Trust and obey for there is no other way.