IMPACT: Living in two words

You have access to a higher power to destroy the works of the devil

It is time for us to believe and understand that we come from two worlds: a spiritual world and a physical world. Though most of us are only familiar with the physical world that we can see and feel, both these worlds are very real.
It’s time to believe that man is a spirit, has a soul and lives in a body. We need to have spiritual discernment and revelation because the spiritual world is even more real than the natural world.
Everyone has a spirit and even the things we encounter and interact with are associated with a spirit.
Even locations have spirits associated with their activity. For example, nightclubs, water parks, and churches… they all have a spirit.
The spirit world is also the invisible realm or the unseen realm. You cannot see it with your natural eyes but it exist just like when you have a headache. You can’t see it, but it exists through the pain.
Every human being must be aware that a spirit cannot be seen by the natural eyes; there are good spirits and there are bad or evil spirits.
If someone steals, it is because they have a thieving spirit behind that behaviour. If someone kills with an instrument, either a gun or a knife (or another weapon), there is a spirit behind that behaviour.
Curses come from evil spirits and the realm of darkness, but blessings come from good spirits from the Godly realm of light.
There is a spirit behind the very words we speak. Words are very powerful and we have to pay attention to the words people speak to us on a daily basis.
Curses could be transferred into your life by someone calling you useless, stupid, foolish, dumb or other degrading forms of insult. Sometimes these words are spoken by our loved ones unknowingly and unconsciously, bringing curses on their loved ones, ignorant to the effects of the words they have pronounced.
West Indians in particular, are known to curse in a joking manner, and because of a lack of knowledge. Our parents have cursed our destinies and potential, as a result, we’re now suffering spiritually from those negative words.
From now on, pay attention to the words people are saying to you, and if they are negative words say “I cancel these words from my life in the name of Jesus.”
Jesus Christ died on the cross physically and was buried, and rose from the dead spiritually to bring freedom to our lives.
The word of God is spirit and life and it has the power to deliver you from all the evil in the world.
Witchcraft and evil powers are like an epidemic in the world today and they’re having an upper hand on those who say “I don’t believe,” “nobody can do me any harm.”
I want to let you know that that type of thinking is a lie and a deception from the enemy of your soul, Satan, because evil is all around and prevailing in its wickedness. However, you have access to the power of God to destroy the works of the devil through the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Witchcraft is a spiritual work that is done against you in the invisible realm. It works negative against your life. It is only through the powerful name of Jesus Christ that we can pray and cancel all those negative influences in our daily life.
Readers, whether you believe it or not, the spiritual world is real, and whether you believe it or not, MAN is a spirit. One day your spirit will leave your body and Your body will be called a corpse. it’s the breath, or in other words the spirit within us that is keeping us alive. I hope you believe and receive this spiritual information and revelation.
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Pastor Julianna Daniel